The Right Step’s adolescent rehab in Dallas is tailored to teens ages 13 to 17. Our 30-day residential teen drug rehab program can be extended to 45 or 60 days, depending on the adolescent’s needs, and can include a transition to intensive outpatient treatment and an aftercare program that is free of charge for two full years.

Treatment is completely gender-specific with separate housing, programming and services for males and females.

A Personalized Approach to Adolescent Rehab

Since what works for one adolescent might not work for another, our rehab for teens draws upon a full spectrum of therapies until we find what works for your child. Our master’s level counselors work closely with each family to design an individualized treatment plan that includes:

  • Weekly Individual and Family Therapy
  • Education About Addiction
  • Experiential Group Therapy
  • Onsite 12-Step Meetings
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Positive Peer Culture
  • Art Therapy
  • Spirituality
  • Yoga/Fitness and Meditation

Teens who are struggling with an underlying issue such as depression, anxiety or another mental health concern will also receive care from our onsite psychiatrist and 24-hour nursing staff.

Skills for Life After Teen Drug Rehab

We want your child to do well in treatment, but even more, we want them to succeed in life. Our practical approach emphasizes the skills your child will need after completing teen rehab in Texas, including communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving and coping skills. As part of relapse prevention planning, we’ll also work with your child on avoiding peers who might lead them back to using drugs when they get home.

Stay on Track in School While Completing Teen Rehab in Dallas

At our Texas teen drug rehab, your child can stay on top of their studies while they’re learning the skills of recovery. Classes are in session four hours a day and cover the core curriculum (math, science language and arts) for 9th through 12th grades. Led by a credentialed teacher from a nearby high school, academic transcripts are issued directly from the school district, just as they would be if your child were attending school outside of adolescent rehab.

An Evidence-Based Curriculum

We believe that the challenges facing our adolescent clients are best addressed by teaching them the skills they lack. Treatment is grounded in two complementary evidence-based curricula:

  • The EQUIP Program – an award-winning method that combines life skills training and positive peer support
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving – a skills-based approach to helping adolescents learn how to resolve problems that has demonstrated effectiveness in a residential treatment setting

Our approach helps teens create a positive peer culture, rebuild the neural networks in the brain that have been damaged by substance abuse, and develop the skills they need for long-term recovery.

Solutions for the Entire Family

The Right Step offers an intensive family program that includes weekly family therapy, educational groups and family support groups as well as opportunities to visit with your child every Sunday. With guidance from our experienced counselors, you and your child can rebuild the trust, communication and boundaries needed for a healthy relationship.

You had high hopes for your teen, and you can have them again. Get them on the right track at The Right Step.

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