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A List of the Most Drunk Cities vs Most Sober Cities in the US

A recent issue of the Men’s Health Magazine compiled a list of the most drunk cities and the most sober cities in the US.  The “drunkest cites” list was compiled from the death rates from alcoholic liver disease, drunk driving car crashes, frequency of binge-drinking in the past month, number of DUI arrests, and severity of DUI penalties.  Most of these issues occur as a direct or indirect as a result of substance abuse and chemical addictionThe winner (or loser as the case may be) is Fresno CA with Reno NV coming in second.

On the most sober, list, cities, Boston MA wins the top honors with Yonkers NY coming in second place.  Rochester, NY claimed the third spot followed by Salt Lake City UT, Miami FL, Newark NJ, Durham NC, New York NY, Fort Wayne IN, and Manchester NH.

These two lists are quite important as they portray the drinking habits of Americans, and why some lesser known cities take the top spots. These lists also talk about the negative aspects alcohol consumption has on the psyche of the community at large. Obviously, the cities with more consumption are more susceptible to alcohol addiction and drug addiction.  Critics and analysts have found their own ways to interpret the list.

Here are the top 20 cities on the “Drunkest Cities” List:

1.) Fresno, CA

2.) Reno, NV

3.) Billings, MT

4.) Riverside, CA

5.) Austin, TX

6.) St. Louis, MO

7.) San Antonio, TX

8.) Lubbock, TX

9.) Tucson, AZ

10.) Bakersfield, CA

11.) Las Vegas, NV

12.) Modesto, CA

13.) Columbia, SC

14.) Nashville, TN

15.) Madison, WI

16.) Colorado Springs, CO

17.) Denver, CO

18.) Phoenix, AZ

19.) Cheyenne, WY

20.) Sacramento, CA

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