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Jason Powers (MD) speaks about addiction recovery


Together with The Right Step, I am hoping to show anything we can to improve outcomes. So there are various ways we can do that with : new medications are being researched every year. There are new things on the market.

My job is to see what’s indicated, what’s appropriate and what has good science behind it. what helps patients feel comfortable, decrease cravings, help them prevent from going back to the lifestyle they were in in addition.

We are also going to look at data that we are compiling actively right now from our aftercare coaching. So we are looking at what’s working down the road, what things we can apply better, what things aren’t so necessary. But we do believe that the longer somebody is engaged in treatment the better the outcomes.

I know that from clinical experience but we are going to hopefully get the numbers to show that and maybe one day the model will be appropriate for everybody.  And it’s hard to get everybody engaged. A lot of people don’t want to take thirty, sixty, ninety days out of their lives, and i understand that.

But what if that sacrifice proves that they are going to have a long-term sobriety that is needed.  Not everybody wants to do the aftercare monitoring but what if that proves that they have great recovery rates greater than what we are seeing today.

So it’s things like this that i’m hoping that The Right Step and I can show together and help more people stay sober longer.

Jason Z. Powers, MD

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