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Just Published by Our Chief Medical Officer: “When The Servant Becomes the Master”

A Comprehensive Addiction Guide for Those Who Suffer with the Disease, the Loved Ones Affected By It, and the Professionals Who Assist Them

By Jason Z W Powers, MD

Addresses misinformation and humanizes the disease of addiction within a framework of science, research, and personal experience.

“Dr. Jason Powers’s new book is filled with relevent, clinically useful information. It will help many people understand addiction and take the right steps toward healing.”–Daniel Amen, MD, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your BodyThis inclusive volume covers a wide range of topics from what addiction is, its dynamics, and neurochemistry; to drugs of abuse, treatment approaches, and interventions; to relapse prevention and process addictions, such as gambling, food, and sex. Advancements in scientific imaging and brain research have provided objective proof that like many other chronic conditions, addiction is in fact a disease. The outdated view that addicts are people of weak character who chose to indulge themselves too much continues to be perpetuated. When the Servant Becomes the Master is an important step in the direction of correcting such misperceptions.Even though he is a physician, Dr. Jason Powers knew little about addiction until he became a patient in rehab himself. His initial judgment was that he ended up in addiction treatment because he was broken—a moral failure. In rehab, he was informed that his addiction was actually a disease. Initially, he was skeptical. In his search for understanding, Dr. Powers dove into gathering all available information about addiction and making sense of it. This book is the fruit of that labor; it is the result of a doctor’s journey to answer the question, “What exactly is addiction?”          

“Jason Powers, MD, gets it…. I wish this could be required reading for every health professional.” –Carlton K. Erickson, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology/Toxicology and Director of the Addiction Science Research & Education Center at the University of Texas at Austin


About the Author

Jason Powers Dr. Powers is the Chief Medical Officer of Promises Austin and The Right Step. He is an expert in the field of addiction treatment and prevention and works as an interventionist. Prior to joining The Right Step in 2006, Dr. Powers served as an attending physician at Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center and as an assistant professor in the department of family and community medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.Dr. Powers received his medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. While in school, he was the recipient of several academic scholarships including the Kellogg Foundation Academics Scholarship and the Student Senate Endowed Academic Scholarship. Dr. Powers an addictionologist (M.D.) and was voted one of Houston’s “Top 50 Doctors” for three years running by H Texas magazine. In 2008, he was awarded the Compassion Award by Sierra Tucson. Dr. Powers has also served as the local expert and steering committee member for the Partnership for a Drug Free America. An extension of his engaging personality, he takes time to understand his patients and work with their families. Dr. Powers enjoys family time with his beautiful wife and three loving children. He also enjoys yoga and camping.