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Intensive Outpatient Class 2
Disease Concept of Addiction

Session Two of your Outpatient Treatment program will guide you through an understanding of the disease concept of addiction, the criteria involved in the medical definition of a disease, the phases in developing the disease of addiction, as well as the biology of addiction and the different factors involved in the progression of this disease.

As you participate in your addiction therapy at The Right Step, you will have the opportunity to develop a thorough comprehension of the reasons medical professionals have agreed for more than 50 years that addiction is to be categorized as a disease, beginning with a discussion of the history of this concept.

When beginning Session Two of your group addiction therapy course, you will be encouraged to participate in a discussion of what the word disease means to you and the other group participants.  Through writing exercises, visual aids and discussion, your understanding of both the disease term and the concept of addiction as a disease will deepen.

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Is Addiction a Disease?

When you attend the Outpatient Program at The Right Step, you will learn the history of the addiction disease concept from the initial doctor’s suggestion, through to today’s understanding and acceptance of addiction as a disease in modern medicine.

The first recorded time that a doctor proposed the idea that addiction should be considered to be a disease was actually as far back in history as the 1800’s.  However, it was
not until 1952 that the American Medical Association actually accepted this proposal as fact.

Moving forward in your addiction therapy course, you will learn more about the details of the modern medical community’s decisions regarding the disease concept of addiction and the criteria categorizing it as a disease.  Your opportunity for increased understanding of this concept should assist you on the path toward recovery.