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Disease of Addiction: Initial Stages

Learn more about the ways the disease of addiction begins as you progress through Session Two of the eight-week Outpatient Program at The Right Step.

You will be provided with descriptions of emotions that the majority of people identify with, including pain, feeling “normal’ and experiencing euphoria.

Feeling normal will be explained as merely the natural state one experiences from day to day, while pain may include both the physical and emotional aspects involved.  Euphoria will be described as feelings of happiness and well-being.

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The Beginning of Addiction

During the initial stages of drug or alcohol usage, the starting point is described as
“normal.”  Your group addiction therapy session will include a discussion of the way that an individual initially learns how drugs and alcohol will alter their moods and change their emotional state.

A relationship of trust develops after a few times of drug or alcohol usage when the realization occurs that consistent emotional changes can be relied upon each alcohol or drugs are consumed.

During this phase, the drug or alcohol user discovers that they can control the degree their moods and emotions are altered by regulating the amount and type of substances ingested.

Continuing in Session Two of your Outpatient Treatment, you will learn more about how this initial stage in the disease of addiction can progress on to another phase where the mood changes are sought after and the times, quantities and outcomes are increasingly controlled during substance abuse.

The only pain typically experienced during this phase is physical pain such as a hangover.  However, the phase to follow will initiate the onset of emotional pain and corresponding addiction factors.