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Alcohol and Addiction: The Cost of Substance Abuse

While attending the Outpatient Program at The Right Step, your addiction treatment will include a series of educational sessions, wherein you will be encouraged to participate with the group in discussions regarding alcoholism and addiction.

You will learn much more about the widespread prevalence of addiction disorders in society and the costs incurred upon society through substance abuse related issues.  In the United States, addiction is the biggest public health concern there is.  The financial consequences to society are also extreme.

Information you will learn through these interactive group discussions and educational sessions, including visual aids for depth of comprehension, will involve education regarding the ways that alcoholism and substance abuse affect entire communities, hurt families, businesses, and neighborhoods, disrupt education, and choke the criminal, justice, health, and social service systems.

Additionally, you will increase your understanding of the fatality of substance abuse, learning that drug abuse kills 14,000 Americans each year.

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Financial Costs of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

As you will now be learning in Session Three of your Outpatient Treatment at The Right Step, the monetary costs created by substance abuse addiction are astounding.  In 1992, health care, law enforcement, auto accidents, crime, and lost productivity resulting from substance abuse addiction, cost taxpayers about $246 billion.

Alcoholism accounted for a large percentage of that amount ($148 billion); with the remaining $98 billion cost being attributed to the abuse of other drugs. (ASAM)  Other statistics that will be provided to you include information regarding the direct and indirect costs of alcohol and drug abuse, which consume 3.7% of US Gross Domestic Product (SAMHSA.) Alcohol and substance abuse also cost $300 billion annually in absenteeism and productivity loss at work (NIH.)

As you attend a minimum of three days per week of Outpatient Treatment at The Right Step, you will continue on in your alcohol and addiction recovery program to learn more about the specifics of what addiction actually is and its effect on the brain and brain neurotransmitters.