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Drug Abuse Addiction: Disenchantment Phase

Receiving additional education regarding the phases of drug abuse addiction and alcoholism from the series of Sessions you will have participated in during your Outpatient Treatment at The Right Step will include discussing the phase of addiction known as “The Disenchantment Phase.”

Alcohol cravings, drug cravings and triggers will have already become a part of your cognitive thought process and life experience at this point.

You will continue learning about the way that alcohol and drug abuse triggers the activation of the limbic system in your brain to create these drug and alcohol cravings.

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Biology of Addiction: Losing Control

Learning more about the biology of addiction in your Outpatient Program, will include developing a better understanding of the brain functions in their relationship with drug and alcohol abuse.  After experiencing drug and alcohol cravings, then answering those cravings via active substance abuse, a physiological state (arousal or quiescence in relation to the properties of the drug ingested) will usually occur.

During the Disenchantment Phase of the cognitive process of developing a substance abuse addiction, the scales tip from the positive to the negative. The consequences of substance abuse become severe and the user’s life begins to become unmanageable. At this point the cortical rational decision is to stop using, but the cortex in the brain is no longer in control.

Thinking, evaluating, and decision making appear to be happening, but behavior is contradictory. The user may sincerely resolve to quit using, but may find themselves out of control at the first thought of using drugs or alcohol, the first encounter with a fellow user, or at the availability of cash or other effective triggers.