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Substance Abuse Addiction: Disaster Phase

Throughout the series of Sessions provided for your recovery from substance abuse addiction during Outpatient Treatment at The Right Step, you will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction and the role the many aspects of addiction have played in your experience with drug and alcohol abuse.

Nearing the end of Session Five, you will be continuing to learn more about the final phase of the addiction process that is called the “Disaster Phase.”  In the Disaster Phase, substance abuse is often robotic and automatic. There is no rational restraint upon the drug use and it makes no sense at all. The drug user’s behavior in this addiction phase is much like the behavior of addicted laboratory animals that use drugs until they die.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Dangerous Effects

As supportive, licensed professionals guide you through Outpatient Treatment, you will learn more about the progression of addiction, wherein an addict reaches the point that they are either using daily or in binges, which most likely will be interrupted by physical collapse, hospitalization, or arrest. The constant powerful craving from the limbic system and/or severe physiological dependency overwhelms the brain’s cortex.

You will learn about the ways that alcohol and drug abuse dominate the consciousness of the individual suffering from the disease of addiction.

 In the Disaster Phase, the craving can often be compared to the actual effects of drug and alcohol abuse and in some cases these powerful effects may result simply from thinking about certain drugs.