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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Relapse Recovery

At The Right Step, our Outpatient Program will include a series of Sessions to help you along the path toward recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.  Session Six of this eight-week group addiction treatment course will include information to help you better understand the warning signals involved in relapse and the ways in which to avoid completing the 11 part process of addiction relapse.

By this point in your treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, you will have already been presented with the opportunity to better understand and reflect upon the first four stages of relapse.  These include getting stuck in recovery, denial of this state within the disease of addiction, acting out in compulsive behaviors and the fourth point where a trigger event is experienced.

Now you will have the opportunity to learn more about the internal dysfunction process experienced once an addiction trigger has gone off.  Experienced, licensed professionals will help you understand the aspects of this internal dysfunction as stress begins and emotions take control above intellect.

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Learning How to Stay Sober

Learning how to stay sober through this process will involve comprehending the need to keep intellectual thoughts at a higher priority level than emotions, as well as facing the realities of having the disease of addiction and preventing the growth of relapse from the inside out.

The trigger event previously discussed in your addiction treatment session will have made the pain so severe that normal functioning and thinking is difficult, even resulting in accidents. Mood swings and emotional swings between overreaction and numbness can occur and memory loss sometimes happens as you are distracted by the pain and discomfort involved in the fifth part of an addiction relapse, which is the suffering from the experience of internal dysfunction.