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Top 5 Reasons Adolescents who are Abusing Drugs and Alcohol Need Residential Addiction Treatment for a Minimum of 30 Days

Adolescent addiction treatment programs are provided at The Right Step to help teens overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol. While there are a number of treatment options for helping teens with a substance abuse addiction to increase their chances of enjoying a healthy state of recovery, it’s important to note the reasons why residential addiction treatment is so vital for successfully achieving a state of long-term sobriety.

Supportive recovery professionals at The Right Step have worked closely with many youths through the years and are readily available to answer the questions of parents with an addicted teenager. Please feel free to call 844-877-1781 to discuss getting help for an addicted teen from the addiction treatment counselors at The Right Step.

Below you will see the top five list we have developed to provide information regarding the reasons residential addiction treatment is so critical to helping an adolescent who abuses drugs or abuses alcohol.

Teenage Addiction Treatment: Top 5 Reasons for a 30-Day Stay

  1. Teenagers who spend a minimum of 30 days in a residential addiction treatment center have the opportunity to clear their minds and bodies of all toxins affecting them. This addiction treatment program even includes the cessation of the use of addictive cigarettes for overall mind and body wellness.
  2. While your teen spends this time in addiction treatment at The Right Step, they will receive positive peer support from other adolescents who are also working diligently to end their drug abuse and alcohol abuse. While in residential addiction treatment for a 30-day minimum time frame, teenagers have the opportunity to truly benefit from this support involving others within their age group. Combining the help of both experienced addiction treatment professionals with the influence of positive peer support is a proven method for helping adolescents recovering from drug addiction and alcohol addiction.
  3. It takes time to overcome a dependence on alcohol and a dependence on drugs. During this time your teen will have a chance to more thoroughly comprehend the information presented by the Addiction Specialists at The Right Step who will confront harmful behaviors feeding into drug abuse and alcohol abuse and to help assist teenagers in achieving positive change in their lives.
  4. Strong family intervention and counseling will have a deeper impact over this longer course of time as adolescents are educated on the addiction process while receiving treatment to help them overcome their drug and alcohol addictions.
  5. Adolescents need to participate in a residential addiction treatment program for a minimum of 30 days in order for them to gain the life tools necessary to deal with peer pressure they may experience once they leave the secure environment of the drug rehab and alcohol rehab center at The Right Step. Learning how to use these tools for avoiding relapse and becoming more comfortable with a structured plan in sobriety will provide them with a greater opportunity for enjoying long-term recovery from an addiction.

For more information about our adolescent drug and alcohol recovery program please call 844-877-1781 or contact us today!

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3 responses to “Top 5 Reasons Adolescents who are Abusing Drugs and Alcohol Need Residential Addiction Treatment for a Minimum of 30 Days”

  1. CleanLiving87 says:

    Residential programs allow teens to escape negative environments associated with drugs and alcohol. For a troubled teen to be in this environment will help them gain a better outlook as to why they shouldn’t be abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Also, with struggling peers around you, it opens up windows for moral support and motivation amongst each other!

  2. Mike says:

    I think getting to a residential treatment center is the best way to get cleaned up, especially if you have a younger teen that needs to be separated from peer pressure. People, Places, and Things are a 99% chance of relapse! So many times I thought I could handle myself while around my old friends that used. I was wrong every time! I ended up relapsing. Until I moved away to a new area, I was screwed!

  3. sabrina clements says:

    Residential programs are useful for children.. It uses for escape from negative environments… Thanks for sharing this….