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A Typical Day

At The Right Step drug rehab, days are filled with activities and therapies that keep you engaged in the recovery process. In a comfortable, supportive setting, you’ll address the underlying issues that fuel addiction and develop healthy coping skills to apply in everyday life.

The typical day varies by program and location, but below are some sample schedules to give you an idea of what to expect in treatment.

A Typical Day in our Teen Residential Program


In addition to usual treatment activities, on weekends you’ll get the chance to participate in fun off-site outings with staff supervision. Examples of outings include laser tag, museums and roller skating. These opportunities help you learn to have fun in a safe and healthy environment without drugs or alcohol.

Teen Treatment Schedule

A Typical Day in Our Women’s Relativity Program


We maintain a similar schedule on the weekends with the addition of staff-supervised outings on Saturdays. Examples of outings include visiting museums, bowling and other activities that provide safe, sober fun in a group setting. Weekends also include optional church attendance and visits by loved ones as clinically appropriate.

Women’s Relativity Schedule

A Typical Day in Our Men’s Residential Program


Our weekend schedule is similar to the weekdays, with a few changes. You’ll have an opportunity to attend a church service if you desire. You’ll also participate in some creative therapies like art and music therapy and have opportunities to visit with your family as clinically appropriate. We often have fun outings like trips to the movies, museums, bowling or other activities that help you learn to have fun in a safe, sober setting.

Men’s Treatment Schedule

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