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Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Center – First Care Insurance

First Care Insurance offers coverage for behavioral health issues and addictions. If you’re seeking outpatient addiction services, First Care Insurance addiction treatment coverage may not require preauthorization. For residential care, First Health Insurance drug rehab coverage will likely require preauthorization and proof of medical necessity. The Right Step recovery experts can help you obtain the necessary assessments to gain preauthorization for medical detox and other addiction services. Call us today for a free insurance benefits check. 844-877-1781

The Right Step takes great pride in being a part of the greater Texas community, and we are pleased to work with many locally owned Texas-based insurance companies like, First Care.  Since 1985, First Care has been helping Texans get outstanding physical and behavioral health care. Currently, the First Care provider network includes over 1,300 primary care physicians and 2,700 specialists in 103 counties throughout Texas. First Care operates four separate offices that serve the health insurance needs of North, Central and West Texas.

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