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The Alumni Program, an Effective Way to Help Beat Addiction

The Right Step’s Alumni Program Is an Effective to Help Beat Addiction

The first step to overcoming alcohol dependence or a drug addiction is obvious: Get professional help from a quality treatment facility – sooner than later.

But what about the next step, the one that follows initial treatment?

As the recovery process is a life-long pursuit – and a difficult one, at that – many recovering addicts find both hope and comfort from a support team of friends and peers who have “have been there and done that.” Indeed, establishing relationships with other recovering alcoholics and addicts who know, first-hand, just what challenges befall the road to recovery can be the key to a successful, life-long victory over substance abuse woes.

This “family” has a special, common bond that serves its members, both in happy times and, especially, when challenges arise, after an initial visit or stay at a drug treatment center. When those in recovery meet, play, volunteer, learn and socialize together, they have an opportunity to facilitate the healing process. Also, they know that they are never alone – a realization that wields significant clout in the quest to beat alcohol and drug addiction.

The Mayo Clinic calls this “family” by a name: The social support network. By definition it is a circle of people in like circumstances who, by interacting, increase the sense of belonging, purpose, and self-worth among its members, while promoting positive reinforcement and improved mental health. [Source]

In other words …

A social support network is just what the recovering drug addict needs – immediately after treatment, as well as down the road.

The Right Step’s Alumni Program establishes just such a social support network of recovering people, along with valuable structure that can help a person trying to maintain a sober lifestyle. Alumni Services provide support, as all alums share the common experience of recovery and can relate to post-treatment temptations. Further, the program helps people in recovery interact with others who have been through the process and who can share a positive word of advice.

The Right Step offers its Alumni Services Program to graduates who successfully complete any The Right Step treatment program. The program is another step – a big step – after treatment that provides the social support network that is so vital to the road to recovery.

To find out more about the Alumni Services Program or any other program at The Right Step, call Call 888.234.1129 today. If you or a loved one needs treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, contact The Right Step today.

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