Celebratory Holiday Drinking Can Be Deadly for Young Hispanics

According to a recent survey of young Hispanics of the millennial generation, drinking is a popular pastime and the main motivation for it is having fun. As the holiday season fast approaches, it’s important to be aware of how young Hispanics drink and what the consequences can be. Many people cut loose at this time of year, and while it can be nice to relax and have fun with friends and family, drinking too much can ruin the party.

How Young Hispanics Drink

Both young people and adults should be aware of the facts about how young Hispanics are drinking because knowledge is power. Don’t let anyone in your family become a statistic. If you are the parent of a young adult, talk to your child about drinking and patterns that are unhealthy. One important difference between young Hispanic drinkers and those of other ethnicities is their motivation. Compared to their peers, Hispanic millennials drink to celebrate and to have fun. Other young people report drinking as more of a way to self-medicate than for simple enjoyment. Young Hispanics drink after work, not because alcohol is a medicine to relieve the stress of a hard day, but because the end of work is play time. Drinking is a way to enjoy that time, they say. Another interesting trend is that young Hispanic drinkers increasingly prefer to drink at casual bars or at home as opposed to clubs. The vast majority of young drinkers prefer to imbibe at home because it is more economical and more comfortable than dressing up to go out. Potlucks and girls’ nights out are especially popular home events for drinking. And what are these young people drinking? Mostly beer, vodka and tequila.

Sensible Drinking Over the Holidays

The good news is that the survey demonstrates that young Hispanics have the right motivation when it comes to drinking. Drinking to self-medicate, to feel better when down or to repress negative feelings is extremely unhealthy. Drinking to celebrate or to have fun at a social gathering is a healthier approach. This doesn’t mean that all millennials will make responsible choices about alcohol over the holidays. It is easy to lose control and drink too much when celebrating. One night in particular should be of concern for all young people. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as the biggest bar night of the year. Thanksgiving eve is a little like a reunion. Everyone comes home for the holiday, but while Thursday is for family, Wednesday night is for meeting up with old friends, catching up, reminiscing and, unfortunately in recent years, for drinking a lot. It is easy to start drinking on a night like this and to forget to set a limit. Binge drinking is common on this night of celebration, but it’s risky. Binge drinking increases the risk of injury, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, assault and even dying because of accidental alcohol poisoning. Drinking to extremes is common on nights like Black Wednesday, so be aware and control your drinking. While young Hispanics seem to have the right attitudes about drinking, the dangers of excessive drinking remain. It is important to keep celebratory drinking in check. Losing control can be dangerous and even deadly.

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