Motivational Tips to Start the First Step to Alcohol Recovery

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The first step of addiction treatment is recognizing that alcohol is causing problems in your life. Denial is very powerful, and you may have spent months or years convincing yourself that everything is fine despite your drinking habits. It’s painful to look at what your life is like because of alcohol, but it’s worth taking an honest inventory to motivate yourself to take that first step of addiction recovery. Don’t despair if you don’t like what you see when you take an honest look at your life. Instead, have hope. Recovery is possible and hundreds of thousands of people recover from alcohol addiction every single year. This year could be yours. Are you ready?

Do You Remember What it Felt Like to Care About Your Life?

Many alcoholics drink to self-medicate or to numb their feelings. Stress, anxiety and depression are common motivations for someone to pick up a drink. But when you numb your feelings, you don’t just numb the negative ones; you also numb the good. When was the last time you truly cared about your life and felt motivated to improve it? Do you remember what it feels like to be satisfied with your job and to look forward to spending time with your family and friends? It may be hard to find those feelings right now, but you are capable of experiencing joy, contentment and satisfaction on a regular basis without the use of alcohol. In fact, you’ve experienced it many times in the past, but perhaps took it for granted. We truly appreciate things once we lose them, and you’ll cherish every sober moment in recovery when you feel proud and happy with the direction of your life.

When Was the Last Time You Had Fun Sober?

You don’t need to give yourself an artificial high in order to have fun. Are you ready to find joy in the little things once again? That can happen every day when you are in recovery and in touch with your emotions once again.

What Do You Wish Was Different in Your Life?

Many addicts wish their relationships were better, that they were more successful in their careers, or had a different career altogether, and that their health and energy were better. Take some time to think about what you wish was different in your life. Alcohol affects every aspect of your life and holds you back. If you want to make progress, first you have to kick alcohol to the curb.

Who Matters in Your Life and How Does Your Drinking Affect Them?

Are you missing your kids’ milestones because you’re constantly fighting a hangover? Are you and your spouse having so much trouble communicating that you simply don’t speak to each other anymore? And what about the rest of your family? Are you the “unruly relative” who drinks too much at holidays and says hurtful things when drunk? If you want to repair these relationships, you have to eradicate the true poison: alcohol. The first step of recovery is hard, because it represents change and uncertainty. But the truth is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The road going through the tunnel might have a few potholes and speed bumps, but the route is there and you can make it through. Just take the first step.

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