Digital Intervention: How Technology Is Helping People Stop Drinking

Millions of Americans participate in binge drinking, a highly risky pattern of alcohol use that seriously increases the odds of experiencing diagnosable alcohol problems. In recent years, public health officials and private companies have turned to modern digital technology to develop new ways to stop binge drinking and other dangerous patterns of alcohol intake. A…


The Benefits of Travel: Travel & Relationships

There’s nothing like a vacation to rekindle a romance. If you haven’t experienced this magical effect firsthand, a recent survey by the U.S. Travel Association on travel and relationships leaves no doubt. According to the organization, 79% of couples said traveling together had strengthened their relationship while 63% said traveling helps couples stay together longer.

Differences Between Drug Rehab and Rehab for Depression in Teens

Teen drug use and depression sometimes go hand-in-hand. Some individuals may turn to drugs in order to “self-medicate” feelings of depression. Drugs often provide a powerful feeling of euphoria, well-being or razor-sharp focus. Unfortunately, once these temporary effects wear off, the depression symptoms are often felt more strongly than ever. This leads to a vicious…