Take The Right Step Into 2022

Through the resolutions it inspires, the New Year brings with it the promise of starting fresh and a chance to take the right step towards sobriety. As the end of the year rolls around, we turn our attention to the habits and routines that supported us for the past 12 months and make decisions about what we’ll carry with us into the new year. 

Why start treatment in January? 

For individuals dealing with addiction and substance use disorders, this blank slate and a fresh start can be exactly what they need to make a change for the better. So what are you bringing into 2022? Start the year on the right foot with The Right Step centers in Texas. 

Here are three reasons for you to start treatment this January:

The New Year Offers a New Sense of Hope

The new year is perfect for taking the right step in your sobriety journey. It’s a time associated with new resolve and fresh perspectives. Nearing the end of the year, people may enter into a time of reflection but may dwell on what went wrong or feel stuck in the year that’s ending. Times of togetherness may keep you busy or from directing attention toward your individual goals. January represents a chance for a clean slate and a happier, healthier year than previous ones as we turn the page. 

Many people create New Year’s resolutions focused on improving themselves in some way, such as eating healthier, exercising more or being kinder to others. Expert addiction specialists and mental health professionals can help you understand that deciding on addiction treatment at the start of the year is more than a resolution—it’s a commitment to yourself and your health.

With Commitment and Realistic Goals, a New Year Can Mean a New You

A New Year’s resolution to get the treatment you need is a significant first step, but having follow-through is equally essential. Many New Year’s resolutions are abandoned, often because they’re challenging to measure or too unrealistic. Unrealistic goals and expectations can cause pressure and stress counterproductive to your chances of success in treatment and recovery. However, realistic expectations can give you a healthy framework for success. Likewise, they can be broken into smaller, specific, easy-to-achieve pieces that can help you withstand setbacks and succeed long-term.     

Every Day is a Good Day for Treatment and Recovery

Starting treatment at the beginning of the year can be ideal. But it’s essential to avoid creating artificial deadlines for recovery, as predicting an exact timeline for overcoming addiction is impossible. In reality, the same daily triggers that contributed to your substance use still exist on January 1, 2022. However, at The Right Step, treatment specialists provide you with information, support, medical and therapeutic assistance. We also teach you coping mechanisms that can help you heal every day of the new year.

Start Your Sobriety Journey at The Right Step Centers

By starting your recovery journey with professional treatment, you can begin identifying underlying issues or co-occurring disorders that may contribute to substance use, such as trauma, anxiety, depression or other mental conditions. At The Right Step, individuals receive attention, care and treatment for every issue through a variety of research-based programs, including:

Calling The Right Step at 844.584.1356 is the first step to forming connections with compassionate experts. We can help you determine the treatment and care that will benefit you the best. Receiving treatment, counseling and support in such a safe, judgment-free space will help you start your year off with positive, meaningful change. And empower you to commit to lifelong healing and sobriety at your own pace every day of every year.

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