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Being gay in a straight culture is a part of life you’re used to dealing with, but it shouldn’t be something you have to work around in addiction treatment. Many of us have been there ourselves and we understand your struggles. The Right Step alcohol and drug rehab center offers specialized programming tailored to the needs of gay and lesbian clients. Our LGBTQI program will help you address underlying issues and old wounds that fuel addiction while developing resiliency for long-term recovery.

A Supportive, Accepting Environment

Available at select outpatient centers in Texas, LGBTQI treatment includes group and individual therapy that explores issues in an accepting environment, among peers. Sessions are run by experienced therapists who have special training, personal experience and appreciation for the issues that gay clients often struggle with, including early emotional isolation and lifelong trauma.

Our Approach to LGBTQI Addiction Treatment

Our program consists of 24 group sessions, up to four days a week, with at least one session a week exclusively for LGBTQI clients. We’ll address challenges you’ve experienced that exacerbate addiction – factors like cultural and family rejection, spiritual abuse, grief, anxiety and unresolved trauma – and discuss how to recognize and address these issues. We’ll help you move past old wounds and develop emotional tools for lasting recovery.

We offer LGBTQI Intensive Outpatient at the following locations:

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