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Our Dallas/ Ft. Worth inpatient alcohol and drug treatment center provides a warm, welcoming gender-separate environment in which to begin the work of recovery. Because chemical dependency is a chronic brain disease that affects you in many ways, our approach is one of overall healing—physical, emotional and spiritual.

We provide 24-hour admissions, 7 days a week at our Dallas alcohol and drug rehab and have a full team of licensed clinicians to help you achieve long-term sobriety. Treatment is based on education and process groups where you’ll address destructive behavior patterns, uncover your strengths and learn recovery skills in a safe, caring environment.

The Right Step Dallas/Ft. Worth, located in the city of Euless, is strategically situated between both the major cities and is easily accessible to people out of the immediate area because of its proximity to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Key components of our adult inpatient program include:

Individual and group therapy – You’ll receive one-on-one psychotherapy to focus on individual issues and medication needs and also attend therapy groups run by licensed clinicians. Groups are designed to help you process thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; develop interpersonal skills; and learn to develop recovery skills and an overall healthy approach to life.

Addiction specialists – We have the distinction of having a board certified addictionologist, board certified psychiatrist and anesthesiologist onsite. Our team includes two psychiatric advanced nurse practitioners, master’s level, licensed therapists and social workers. Many of our clinicians are trained in specialized therapies like dialectical behavioral therapy as well as other approaches to treating mood disorders and other mental health issues.

Treatment for co-occurring mental health issues – We take a clinical approach to treatment with onsite therapists, doctors and highly trained clinicians who have experience working with a wide range of mental health issues. If needed, you’ll see our psychiatrist at least once a week and work with our dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioner who provides support for those with dual disorders.

Daring WayTMIntegrated into our treatment approach is best-selling author and renowned TED Talks speaker Dr. Bene Brown’s The Daring WayTM shame-resilience curriculum. Including recovery-enhancing exercises and tasks that address scarcity, comparison and shame, this approach teaches you to embrace vulnerability, become shame-resilient, and live life fully and authentically.

Psychodrama – You’ll explore underlying issues and past and future challenges in this interactive therapeutic approach. Guided by a trained therapist, psychodrama provides an opportunity to role-play scenarios within a secure, therapeutic space where you’ll process emotions and learn new ways of handling conflict.

Fitness –Our onsite fitness instructor will create an individualized fitness plan for you based on a comprehensive assessment that seeks to rebuild balance, stamina and physical health. Our facilities include an onsite gym and an outdoor sports court for basketball, tennis and volleyball matches.

Nutrition – Nutritional deficiencies are common among people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. At The Right Step Dallas drug rehab, our experienced nutritionist works with a professional chef and full kitchen staff to create nourishing, delicious meals. Cuisine can also be tailored to special dietary requirements as needed.

Education groups – You’ll participate in groups that focus on a particular addiction or recovery topic or assignment and are designed to increase awareness of the disease of addiction and promote recovery and coping skills. Addiction is a chronic brain disease, and we believe informing yourself about the characteristics of any disease is an important step in managing it.

Positive Recovery®This strength-based, research-backed approach to treatment helps you uncover your unique strengths and feel good about “what’s right,” instead of focusing on “what’s wrong.” This approach is at the core of our treatment approach and includes guided exercises, daily meditations and tasks that will help you discover what you need to stand strong in sobriety.

Aftercare – Our connection with you doesn’t end when you complete residential treatment. The Right Step addiction program offers weekly aftercare groups run by a licensed clinician, optional one-year comprehensive continuing care services, as well as an active alumni program to provide you with a supportive community of other people in recovery.

Family focus – Recognizing that families of those with addictions are also impacted, we work to heal both you and your loved ones. As clinically appropriate, you’ll engage in weekly family therapy and your loved ones may attend family support groups.

We offer Dallas/Ft. Worth Inpatient Rehab at the following locations:

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