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For over a decade, The Right Step Hill Country residential treatment center has helped adults with substance abuse take back their lives. You’ll recover in a scenic, relaxed and private atmosphere in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Located in Wimberley, about halfway between Austin and San Antonio, this sprawling treatment center sits on a 30-acre campus featuring separate residences for men and women, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a sports court.

Specialized Treatment for Adults

Our Hill Country residential alcohol and drug rehab program is designed for adults struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Our experienced treatment team identifies and addresses the underlying issues that have interfered with your ability to quit using drugs or alcohol. We focus on the positive skills learned if you’ve had previous treatment experiences and help you gain resilience and other essential recovery skills to propel you forward on your recovery journey.


At The Right Step Hill Country, the pace slows down. Sitting on the edge of the American Southwest, our rural Texas location outside of Wimberley removes you from the stressors of everyday life so you can focus on getting better. Many say our campus has a cozy, summer camp feeling to it. Group therapy and individual sessions take place all over campus in homey cabins. Rolling hills, oak and cedar trees and nature’s beauty invite everyday opportunities to regroup and reflect.


Clients live in rustic cabins that feel like home, not a treatment facility. Each cabin has its own personality and includes bedrooms, bathrooms, an inviting common area, comfortable furnishings and country decor representative of the area. Men and women are housed on opposite sides of the campus.

A Typical Day

Days at Hill Country addiction treatment center are full and engaging. Daily schedules and activities vary, but here’s a snapshot of what a typical day might look like:

Mornings – Clients have time in the morning before breakfast to use the gym. After the morning meal, we have meditation time and set goals for the day. The rest of the morning is filled with process groups, recovery education groups or specialized groups like The Daring Way(TM) shame-resilience curriculum or Positive Recovery.

Afternoons – Lunch is served at noon. During the afternoons clients attend more small groups, yoga or go on a store run. Late afternoons usually include quiet time to work on assignments, Big Book study, 12-step meetings, and experiential groups where clients engage in mindfulness or relationship building activities as well as have time for the seasonal outdoor pool or gym.

Evenings – After dinner, clients typically participate in on or off-campus 12-step meetings, exercise and wrap-up groups where we reflect on the day.

An Empowering Approach to Prevent Relapse

At The Right Step treatment center, we know that addressing the underlying issues that fuel addiction is necessary in order to prevent relapse. We help you begin healing past trauma and get proper treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders.  We also help you acquire healthier coping skills to replace destructive ones like substance abuse.

Positive Recovery

Whereas many programs look at addiction through a lens of “what’s wrong,” we use a strength-based approach that builds on “what’s right.” Our unique, evidence-backed approach, Positive Recovery® provides opportunities to make a spiritual connection in recovery, and hands-on, experiential approaches to skill-building. Positive Recovery is a scientifically validated approach to addiction treatment developed by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jason Powers. Grounded in principles of positive psychology, Positive Recovery will help you not only stop using alcohol or other drugs, but also discover meaning and purpose in your life so that substances hold less power over you.

Customized Treatment Plans

Treatment begins with an in-depth assessment to identify the underlying and previously untreated parts of self or past events that have gotten in the way of your recovery. Based on this assessment, our clinicians create personalized treatment plans that include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Gender-specific and mixed gender process groups
  • Experiential therapy groups
  • Educational groups
  • 12-step meeting introduction
  • Coping skills group
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Intensive family program
  • A focus on emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, co-addictions (such as gambling and sex/love/relationship addiction), and other compulsive behaviors

Core Therapeutic Approaches

Some of the therapies and approaches we may use in your treatment plan include:

Family Therapy

One of the main differences between us and other drug rehab programs is our intensive focus on the family. We provide structured support for families, which includes a full day of treatment every Saturday focused on their experiences as well as aftercare not just for the client but also for the family.

Trauma-Based Therapies

Often, unresolved trauma and grief lie at the core of addictions, though these issues frequently get overlooked in traditional drug rehab programs. We utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and other trauma-based therapies to bring these issues to light so that they no longer fuel the relapse cycle.

The Daring Way™ Shame Resilience Curriculum

We have certified The Daring Way™ facilitators onsite utilizing researcher and best-selling author Dr. Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™ Shame Resilience Curriculum. You’ll learn how to embrace your vulnerability, become more resilient, and draw on your unique values and abilities so that you can lead an authentic, rewarding life in recovery.

Gender-Separate Residences and Groups

Men and women live on opposite sides of our campus. Some of our process groups and 12-step meetings include only members of the same sex. This provides an opportunity for clients to share difficult feelings they might not feel comfortable talking about in a mixed-gender environment.

Making Your Recovery a Reality

What’s getting in the way of your recovery? We’ll help you get to the root of your drug abuse so that you can move on to the next stage of your recovery. You have what it takes to beat this disease. We can help.

We offer The Right Step Hill Country Residential Treatment Program at the following locations:

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