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Positive Recovery®

People enter treatment to stop abusing alcohol or other drugs, but all too often they leave treatment with little knowledge of how to live and thrive in recovery with healthier coping habits and thought processes. At The Right Step treatment centers, we don’t just help you get sober; we help you discover a new way of life that makes recovery more rewarding than addiction, and thus sustainable over time.

A Strength-Based Approach to Addiction Treatment

Positive Recovery is a scientifically validated, empowering approach to addiction treatment developed by our chief medical officer Dr. Jason Powers. Positive Recovery is not just a program we offer; it’s part of everything we do. In combination with other evidence-based strategies and treatments, our psychiatrists, therapists and staff are specially trained in—and also participate in—Positive Recovery practices to help you discover meaning and purpose in your life without drugs and alcohol. With daily meditation and exercises, you’ll learn to build on your strengths and create a personally fulfilling recovery path.

Abstinence Is Only Part of the Solution

Interrupting addiction does not build “recovery.” In fact, abstinence is only a small part of recovery. At The Right Step alcohol and drug rehab centers, we’re successful in treating addiction because we help you feel better, have deeper, more nurturing relationships with others, and learn how to accept and appreciate yourself and tap into your strength and wisdom.

Positive Recovery strives to discover the deeper reasons behind your use of alcohol or other drugs to help you uncover effective replacements that attend to fundamental needs for meaning and purpose, satisfaction, self-determination, and connection. Doing so enables you to have a life in recovery that is ultimately rewarding and fulfilling enough to be self-sustaining.

The empowering interventions used in Positive Recovery help you develop your strengths, teach you to be more optimistic and resilient, and achieve meaningful goals. In short, we give you the tools to flourish in recovery.

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