Posted on May 17, 2013 in Interview

An Interview with Vicki Piper, Program Counselor

Vicki Piper

Vicki serving ice cream to a client during an event.

Over 17 years ago, Vicki Piper made a decision that changed the rest of her life: She went to rehab. She met with a therapist; she worked the 12 Steps. Today, her recovery remains one of her top priorities as well as one of her most treasured accomplishments.

Finding the Answers Within

Vicki is finding the answers in her own life but she doesn’t pretend to have all the answers for her clients.

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Posted on September 8, 2011 in 12 Step, Addiction Recovery

Top 5 Reasons People Stop Going to 12 Step Meetings

A common phrase in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is “It Works If You Work It.” AA, to my knowledge, is the world’s most well attended 12 Step organization and the originator of the 12 Step self help programs. Other programs followed similar 12 Step philosophy such as Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Sex Addict Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Alanon, etc.

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