Positive Recovery – The Best of Both Worlds

Posted on June 12, 2014 in Positive Recovery

Positive Recovery – The Best of Both Worlds

The recovery movement—Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and all the groups that have subsequently adopted AA’s model—has been helping people get sober since the 1930s. Positive psychology, while a young field within psychology, has been highly influential in treating substance addictions as well as many other illnesses since the late 1990s. Finding ways to blend the best of what the recovery movement has to offer with the insights and techniques from positive psychology yields “positive recovery”—a breakthrough in healing from addictions.

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Texas Man Wages Personal and Professional War on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

When it comes to dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, the ongoing support of friends and family is every bit as important as identifying the problem and signing up for treatment.

That’s the sentiment of James Patterson, executive director of The Right Step Conroe – an intensive outpatient treatment facility that is part of the nationally accredited, 20-location The Right Step “live life sober” network.

“There are a lot of supervised programs that offer medical, psychological and emotional support,” Patterson said. “But outpatient treatment is where the rubber meets the road. At some point, an addict needs to learn how to live in the real world.”

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The Holidays and Sobriety

Fall is in the air!  The warm days of summer are leaving us and the holidays are upon us.  The holidays bring us together with friends and family and can be a joyous time.

For people early in addiction recovery, the holidays can be a very stressful and difficult time.  There are parties and dinners and an abundance of expectations.  If you are new to recovery, sometimes it feels like you are on wobbly feet!  Just take a good deep breath and trust in your direction!  Sobriety allows us to enjoy the blessings of the season and to see things we could not while in our drug or alcohol addictions.

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