Stay Safe on Spring Break

Posted on March 6, 2015 in Teen Drug Addiction

Stay Safe on Spring Break

If you’re a college student, you may be looking forward to a fun vacation on a warm, sunny beach to break away from the daily grind of studying, lectures and textbooks. School can be stressful, and you’ve worked hard all year long to keep your grades up. You deserve some rest and relaxation. However, you’re probably aware that there are some risks involved in going on a trip for spring break.

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new face of underage drinking

Posted on November 22, 2013 in Teen Drinking

The New Face of Underage Drinking

Preventing underage drinking is becoming more difficult as popular trends and fads are increasing alcohol consumption among teens. Michelle Nienhius, a Prevention Consultant with the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services, points out in a recent article that young people are going to great lengths to obtain alcohol. This includes risky behavior that can turn deadly.

One such behavior is called eyeballing. This is where the drinker puts a shot of alcohol in his or her eye. Another is Chilly Willy which involves alcohol being sucked up the nose. Other, more extreme drinkers, are soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them or even drinking hand sanitizer.

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Female College Binge Drinking

Posted on November 19, 2013 in Addiction, Mental Health

Female College Students Who Have ADHD at a Greater Risk for Binge Drinking

Before parents send their children off to college, they try to prepare them both with proper material items and with good advice. Supplies for their dorm room fill a checklist and parents may remind their children to be safe as they live away from home. Safety talks about violence, rape, alcohol, and drugs can help students be more aware of their environment.

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dangers of college drinking

Posted on November 8, 2013 in alcohol and drug addiction

The Dangers of Heavy Drinking in College

The problem of college kids drinking alcohol and drinking more alcohol than is safe is one that has been around for decades at least. However, the problem of college kids binging on alcohol is more recent and is a predictor for a number of negative outcomes.

Binge drinking is defined as four or more drinks in one sitting for a woman and five or more drinks in one sitting for a man. Women being smaller and with slower metabolisms have a slightly lower threshold of danger. Research has shown that, on average, two out of five college kids drink, two out of five drink heavily (binge), and one out of five doesn’t drink at all.

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