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Two Sides of Addiction for Betty Ford and Amy Winehouse

In the last few weeks, two very famous and influential women passed: Betty Ford, wife of former President Gerald Ford and founder of the Betty Ford Center, and Amy Winehouse, an influential British singer known for her unique combination of soul, jazz, and R&B. These two women achieved fame and recognition in different arenas–Betty Ford for advocating women’s rights and Amy Winehouse for an incredible voice. Their shared connection, however, was the disease of addiction. Though they both battled this deadly disease, the outcome of their battles took decidedly different paths. Betty Ford traveled the path of sobriety while Amy Winehouse continued to struggle with addiction, reportedly, until the very end of her life.

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Intervention is Better Than Cure: 5 Things You Can do to Ensure a Successful Drug/Alcohol Intervention

An intervention is an arranged meeting between the addict/alcoholic and their close family members, friends, and possibly a neutral party like a therapist where the addict is lovingly confronted about their addiction or substance abuse problems. The key word and idea here is “lovingly” – there are a few different ways to conduct an intervention, but to do it with love and care is the most important consideration.

Help With Interventions

Drug abuse can affect all types of people, from teenagers to men and women.  Having an intervention isn’t always easy; in fact,  it can often be emotionally difficult for all of the parties involved. Drug and alcohol addiction is an illness, and one that can be extremely difficult for family and friends of addicts to understand if they haven’t gone through it themselves.  Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when speaking to them.  Having said that, here are five helpful tips for having a successful intervention:

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Are Interventions a Good Idea?

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a facilitated meeting with the addict/alcoholic, friends, family members and other concerned parties. During the intervention process, the addict/alcoholic is lovingly confronted by people who care about them. You will be led in a frank discussion about using behavior and the consequences focusing on the feelings and experiences of friends and family members. Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction will then be proposed. We use a proven intervention process which may include one or more preparatory meetings including family “coaching sessions”.

It can be emotional

Interventions, while they are generally good to have, can be extremely emotional for all of the parties involved, especially the person for whom the intervention is directed at. Telling someone you love that you think they have a serious problem with drugs and/or alcohol is never easy. And certainly, it is not easy for the person who is struggling with drugs or alcohol to accept the fact that they do have a problem and that their family and friends are there to help.

Often times (though not always), interventions can turn ugly with people pointing fingers. Also, many times, the person for whom the intervention is targeted will feel just that: targeted. This, however, is not the intention of having an intervention. Keeping all of this in mind, it is extremely important to plan how and where the intervention will take place as well as who will be involved. The last thing you want to do is push those who are struggling with addiction further away from you.

Have you ever attended or been the target of an intervention? If so, how did it go? What happened? Do you think that interventions are a good idea when discussing and addressing drug/alcohol addiction?

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