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An Interview with Tip McKay, Director of Alumni Services

Tip McKay, alumni coordinator at Right Step“Hey man, come in from the cold. You’re welcome here.” These are Tip McKay’s words for anyone struggling with addiction.

It’s a cold Tip knows all too well. Many years ago, he was in the grip of addiction himself. Like many others, his recovery journey had ups and downs. He completed an intensive outpatient program but felt over-confident in his ability to stay sober. Knowing that he was at high risk of relapse, at his coin out ceremony his counselor said, “See you soon.”

And she did. About nine months later, he “crashed and burned” and called his former counselor to get back into treatment. When he showed up for stabilization at inpatient treatment, he weighed just 112 pounds and looked grey and lifeless. He completed another round of intensive outpatient treatment and over time, his counselor saw a marked difference in the way he looked, walked and talked. In fact, she saw his potential to one day become an addiction counselor.

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An Interview with Grant Perry, Executive Director Houston Region

Grant Perry, Executive Director Houston Region at Right StepFor nearly three decades, Grant Perry has served individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues as well as their families. From San Diego to St. Louis, Chicago to Houston, he has directed hospital programs, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers for both adults and adolescents, and an outreach program.

In 1999, Grant joined The Right Step as a lead counselor for the adult residential program. One year later he was promoted to program director, a role he dedicated himself to for 10 years. From there, he stepped into the role of executive director.

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Can I Ever Have Fun Again?

How The Right Step Helps Turn Sobriety Into a Satisfying, Lasting Way of Life

George Joseph is Chief Operating Office of the 20-plus The Right Step drug and alcohol treatment centers and one of the nation’s foremost experts on beating substance abuse. He has a captivating and insightful series of blogs on the website

Joseph’s five-part series, “Characteristics of Sobriety,” explores all that it takes to attain – and maintain – a sober life, including one concept that isn’t generally associated with the process: Fun.

“When people think about getting sober, one of their biggest fears is: Can I ever have fun again?,” Joseph writes. “Most people think sobriety is boring.”

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Where to Go for Help

The Best Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Offer Individualized Programs

When you or a loved one are dependent on alcohol or drugs and want to find help, the question everyone asks, of course, is “where should I go?”

George Joseph would certainly recommend The Right Step. After all, he’s the founder and COO of the Texas-based drug and alcohol treatment center company, which has led (literally) thousands of addicts into recovery – and into healthy, productive lives.

But Joseph is also a flag-bearer for the camp that recognizes that drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a very personal issue, with many unique facets. Above all else, Joseph recommends finding a facility that best addresses the individual needs of each person seeking help.

Joseph was a blogger on, the website for noted physician and television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz, for short). He outlined the various types of addiction treatment options that quality facilities generally offer. Here are some highlights:

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Holiday Cheer

Over the holidays surround yourself with a community that understands.

Most people describe the holidays with words, for example, such as “family,” “fun,” and “frolic” It’s expected that we look forward to the happy times between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

For the person with a history of alcohol or drug issues, however, the very holidays many people celebrate can be anything but festive. Addicted people and their loved ones need to be especially on guard for the prospect of relapse, according to a story on the website

Here are some highlights from the article:

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resisting the temptation of drinking during the holidays

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Surviving the Holidays

Knowing the Temptations at This Time Can Help You Beat Them

MedHelp, which bills itself as the “World’s Largest Health Community,” offers a forum on its website designed to let people recovering from addictions share what they’re going through during various points of their quest.

With the holidays coming soon, two posts, in particular, seem particularly noteworthy:

“Holiday time is fast approaching and can be full of stress and triggers. We see relapses happen during this time. The first year I was clean I was told by a very wise person to hit the meetings real heavy, and that is what I did.

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Continuing Education

How Both Subtraction and Addition Can Equal a Better Life

Here’s a math quiz, courtesy of Dr. Phil McGraw – who is MUCH better known without his last name: What does 3 plus 10 plus 7 plus 5 equal?

The answer, believe it or not, is you.

Indeed, Dr. Phil opines in his book, “Self Matters,” a person can trace who he or she has become to three types of external factors: 10 defining moments, seven critical choices, and five pivotal people.

It’s a simple formula, for sure. But how can a recovering alcohol or drug addict plug in the proper variables to make it work in a positive way? Learning to understand the terms is a good place to start.

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Drug Abuse Alumni Program

Posted on November 28, 2012 in Addiction Recovery, Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Alumni

The Alumni Program, an Effective Way to Help Beat Addiction

The Right Step’s Alumni Program Is an Effective to Help Beat Addiction

The first step to overcoming alcohol dependence or a drug addiction is obvious: Get professional help from a quality treatment facility – sooner than later.

But what about the next step, the one that follows initial treatment?

As the recovery process is a life-long pursuit – and a difficult one, at that – many recovering addicts find both hope and comfort from a support team of friends and peers who have “have been there and done that.” Indeed, establishing relationships with other recovering alcoholics and addicts who know, first-hand, just what challenges befall the road to recovery can be the key to a successful, life-long victory over substance abuse woes.

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A Parent’s Role in Adolescent Addiction

Everywhere they look—television, billboards, magazines, the Internet, and the radio—adolescents see messages about alcohol, sex, drugs. According to The Journal of Adolescent Health, “those brands with higher youth-to-adult viewership ratios were significantly more likely to have a higher percentage of occurrences with addiction.” That means the things adolescents see in their everyday lives may negatively affect their behavior. More than one third of American teenagers are turning to alcohol or drugs: 32 percent saying they drink, 19 percent saying they use drugs, and 15 percent saying they do both. That can leave a parent feeling hopeless and out of control. So what can parents do to help?

Become a careful observer of red flags

The first step to any recovery is to become a careful observer of adolescents’ behavior, particularly the small details that make up their lives: changes in friends, sleep patterns, grades, moods, judgement, personality. Be careful not to jump to conclusions because adolescents’ addiction chemically alters their brains, so they are not always ready to hear what parents have to say. Create a nurturing home environment so teens will still receive the love and support they need and feel their parents are trustworthy. This is the time to listen to them and make a sincere effort to hear what they are going through and how it got to this point.

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Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab

For adolescents, living a normal life is important. When a teen is taking the steps toward alcohol and drug addiction recovery, maintaining a structured, sober lifestyle plays a key role. When adolescents are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it’s important that they learn how to live fulfilling lives that include sobriety. Breaking damaging habits and discovering a happy new life can be obtainable during and long-after outpatient rehab!

Outpatient rehab is no easy task. It requires dedication, structure, support, and a sense of confidence. Being at home during recovery treatment allows adolescents to be surrounded by family and, the more parents are involved, the greater the recovery success rate. Outpatient rehab also encourages support from the community and trusted friends. Outpatient rehab can focus on various areas of adolescents’ lives, in addition to relationships with their parents.

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