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In Support of a Supportive Staff

houston rehab centerThe Right Step Alums Celebrate How Caring Professionals Helped Them Beat Addiction

The mark of a successful drug and alcohol treatment center is its ability to turn a life around. But that end is almost invariably the result of a collection of means that starts and finishes with the facility’s staff.

At The Right Step, treatment professionals establish relationships with each client from the moment he or she walks in the door. They also teach and nurture and support – to a degree that not only makes a difference, but leads to a lasting change.

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From the Frying Pan into the Fire

Guilt and Temptation Represent a Formidable Foe in the Battle against Addiction

There’s a vintage 1987 television commercial that contains but 14 words – yet if you’ve seen it you almost certainly remember it.

“OK, last time,” a voice says behind a picture of a spat of butter sizzling in a pan. “This is drugs.”

Then an egg is broken and drops atop the butter and starts to fry instantly. “This is your brain on drugs,” the voice says.

“Any questions?”

This profound public service announcement likely had an effect on someone’s choice-making process after it aired, maybe a good number of someones – certainly that was the point.

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Success Stories

How The Right Step Alums Help Each Other Beat Alcohol and Drug Addictions

An effective drug rehabilitation facility makes its mark in a variety of ways, most notably in the success stories its alums tell after they’ve undergone treatment and discovered a healthy, sober life.

The staff at The Right Step realizes that treatment is simply one facet of an ongoing process that leads to recovery from alcohol- and drug-dependence. Aftercare is also a vital step on this course. In fact, it’s the step that most likely determines how well recovering addicts stay the course.

That’s why The Right Step’s Alumni Program is tailored for the long haul. It is available to graduates of any facility, and it provides a social support network consisting of other people in recovery who have faced the same temptations…people who eagerly share the means they’ve used to lead sober, productive lives, after initial treatment.

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Where to Go for Help

The Best Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Offer Individualized Programs

When you or a loved one are dependent on alcohol or drugs and want to find help, the question everyone asks, of course, is “where should I go?”

George Joseph would certainly recommend The Right Step. After all, he’s the founder and COO of the Texas-based drug and alcohol treatment center company, which has led (literally) thousands of addicts into recovery – and into healthy, productive lives.

But Joseph is also a flag-bearer for the camp that recognizes that drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a very personal issue, with many unique facets. Above all else, Joseph recommends finding a facility that best addresses the individual needs of each person seeking help.

Joseph was a blogger on, the website for noted physician and television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz, for short). He outlined the various types of addiction treatment options that quality facilities generally offer. Here are some highlights:

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Group Hug

The Right Step’s Alumni Program Can Provide Help When It’s Most Needed

Five years ago, in a courtroom where he stood begging for clemency after an arrest tied to a drug-related traffic accident, Garrett Reid told a judge, “I don’t want to die doing drugs. I don’t want to be that kid who was the son of the head coach of the Eagles, who was spoiled and on drugs and OD’ed and just faded into oblivion.”

On August 5, 2012 this, in essence, became his obituary.

Reid, known primarily as the troubled son of NFL coach Andy Reid, died of an accidental heroin overdose in a dormitory room at the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice facility on the Lehigh University campus. He was 29.


He had undergone treatment for addiction issues several times before his death.

The sad ending to Reid’s struggle with substance abuse was chronicled in news stories across the nation, including one by the Philadelphia-area ABC affiliate that recalled his poignant, ironic courtroom plea cited above.

The story also noted that Reid had worked hard to overcome his drug problem, taking a job as the Eagles’ assistant strength coach after a two-year stay in prison for his part in the traffic accident, which injured another person.

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Premier Jockey Overcomes Drug & Alcohol Addiction

It’s just an endless road where it keeps taking you farther and farther down that road…When you make a decision to take that step that way, instead of one step it’s like jumping off a cliff. [source: USA Today]

This is what premier jockey, Garrett Gomez said as he recounted his battle with drugs and alcohol. As we have too often seen, fame comes with its share of ups and downs. At the top of his game, Gomez was doing well, earning all sorts of accolades as an accomplished rider during the day…but at night, he partied hard. As often happens with young people who come across fame and more money than they know what to do with, the partying soon got out of control, and before long, Gomez developed a serious problem battling both drug and alcohol addiction.

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How Meth Destroys Your Face…Pictures Included

Crystal meth seems like it is taking over the elicit drug market.  Even celebrities like Ryan O’Neal and Fergie were/are hooked.  The consequences of meth use can be devastating not only on the inside but also on the outside.  Many of us are familiar with the “faces of meth” pictures, but the question remains: why does meth destroy people’s faces?  Another question I have after watching the below video is: Do I need a goatee or mustache before I can take meth?  But I digress…watch the video and then we will move on to the “whys.”

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