Posted on October 2, 2015 in Addiction Recovery

‘SOBER’: A 5-Point Survival Guide to Your First Year Post-Rehab

Surviving your first year post-rehab can sound as daunting as playing Minecraft for the very first time … without a manual … and in a foreign language. You’re spending much of your time moving, disassembling and putting back together big chunks of your life, like arranging cubic building blocks on a screen. And if the sand, lava and hunger don’t kill you, the post-nightfall zombies very well may.

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Welcoming Your Teen Home From Rehab

Posted on June 24, 2015 in Addiction Recovery

Welcoming Your Teen Home From Rehab

Sending a teen off to inpatient rehab is a heartbreaking thing to have to do as a parent, but it is the best way to help her heal from addiction. Once she’s been through a treatment program, she’s done the hard work, but not all of the work needed to be sober in the long term. She will need your love and support, as well as some practical guidance. Before you welcome your teen home from rehab, make sure you have a plan in place. 

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How to Cope When Your Spouse Relapses

Posted on September 17, 2014 in Addiction Recovery

How to Cope When Your Spouse Relapses

It sometimes feels more frustrating than the original addiction: watching your loved one relapse after weeks, months, or even years of hard work. If you are coping with life after your spouse’s addiction, be aware that relapse is very common. You should also know that a relapse does not mean that he can’t or won’t get back on track again. When relapse does happen, stand firm, give him your support, and take care of yourself. Help him get through this bump in the road and your relationship will be the healthier for it. 

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Can stress trigger relapse

Posted on May 8, 2013 in Addiction Recovery

Can Stress Trigger Relapse?

Stress and substance abuse are bosom buddies. From anecdotal evidence of over-worked recovering addicts spiraling back into addiction to neurological research, the relationship between stress and drug abuse has long been established. Historically, these findings have led to stress management courses and other interventions aimed at helping addicts more successfully manage their stress, but as more research emerges, medical treatments to prevent stress-induced relapse are looking more likely. Researchers from Brown University recently identified the process by which stress causes relapse, which has opened the door to a new potential treatment option.

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drug relapse prevention

Posted on April 26, 2013 in Addiction Recovery

Relapse Protection: Ten Ways to Prevent a Slip – Part 2

Continued from Relapse Protection: Ten Ways to Prevent a Slip – Part 1.

If you desire lifelong sobriety, follow these tips to prevent relapse:

6. Work the Steps—all of them. It seems obvious, given that it is called the Twelve Step program, but it’s easy to get lazy, start to cut corners, and begin asking if it is really necessary to work all of the Steps. The format works if you work it. Initially we go through the Steps to combat addiction. Later, life will present new challenges and opportunities to employ and apply the Steps anew. Continued effort in working the Steps solidifies sobriety. We will continue to use them for the rest of our lives.

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addiction relapse prevention

Posted on April 25, 2013 in Addiction Recovery

Relapse Protection: Ten Ways to Prevent a Slip – Part 1

Certain newcomers show up at meetings with no real intention of staying sober. They go through the motions for a little while, but their hearts are not in it. They fail to see themselves as addicts. They refuse to admit that the only cure is sobriety. They will indeed drink or use again.

There are other members, however, who do realize that alcohol or drugs is their problem and who do deeply desire to never again drink or use. Lifetime sobriety is not impossible, but it is also something that cannot be taken for granted. Above all, it requires intentionality and a willingness to be honest with yourself.

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alcohol relapse

Posted on February 18, 2013 in Addiction Recovery

Relapse: How to Prevent It and Deal with It if It Happens

Science and Support Are Keys to a Successful Recovery from Addiction

Very few people SET OUT to become alcoholics or drug addicts. Further, very few people who find themselves snared by addiction and who seek inpatient or outpatient treatment for it SET OUT to relapse.

The bottom line: Overcoming addiction, whether it’s the first time or subsequent to treatment, is a challenge that is often underrated and almost always misunderstood.

George Joseph has devoted his life to creating an environment of change – permanent change. And the chief operating officer of The Right Step family of alcohol- and drug-treatment centers has identified two key factors that affect the recovery process: science and support.

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