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Last modified on May 8th, 2019

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab

For adolescents, living a normal life is important. When a teen is taking the steps toward alcohol and drug addiction recovery, maintaining a structured, sober lifestyle plays a key role. When adolescents are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it’s important that they learn how to live fulfilling lives that include sobriety. Breaking damaging habits and discovering a happy new life can be obtainable during and long-after outpatient rehab!

Outpatient rehab is no easy task. It requires dedication, structure, support, and a sense of confidence. Being at home during recovery treatment allows adolescents to be surrounded by family and, the more parents are involved, the greater the recovery success rate. Outpatient rehab also encourages support from the community and trusted friends. Outpatient rehab can focus on various areas of adolescents’ lives, in addition to relationships with their parents.

For adolescents who are abusing or depending on drugs and/or alcohol, a busy lifestyle can be a road block to addiction recovery. The Right Step Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program was created for teens who need to maintain work, school, or other responsibilities, but are in need of professional recovery treatment. For 10 hours each week, adolescents are placed in a structured, yet supportive, caring, environment led by licensed professionals who utilize the Twelve Step Program and proven clinical treatment methods. Together with the teens’ families and communities, the rehab center can help adolescents replace bad habits with positive behaviors that lead to happy, healthy lives.

If you are a parent or know one who is unsure about how to help their teen, please call The Right Step at 844-877-1781 today. Addicted teenagers need help. The sooner they get it, the more we can prevent and, even reverse, the damage done by drugs and alcohol.

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