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Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox in Texas

Medical Drug DetoxQuitting an addiction to alcohol, prescription painkillers, or drugs without medical assessment and evaluation can cause significant and potentially life-threatening complications That’s why The Right Step offers inpatient and outpatient detox tailored to each individual’s unique needs and physician recommendations.
Our experienced and compassionate medical staff provides quality drug detox and alcohol detox services and the supportive environment clients need to recover from drug and alcohol addictions. We specialize in:
·    Alcohol detox
·    Benzo detox
·    Opiate detox
·    Polysubstance detox


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Inpatient Detox

People who have experienced detox before, tried it on their own, or are afraid of feeling bad due to withdrawal symptoms are good candidates for inpatient detox treatment. Also, if potentially life-threatening complications are present, such as delirium tremens, hallucinations, hypertensive crisis, or seizure, inpatient detox will help ensure the best results. Our physicians are experts in the field of addiction and use the most current medications, including Suboxone® and Campral®, to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms that some people experience when they try to give up drugs or alcohol.
The detox phase usually lasts three to five days, after which your treatment team will recommend the next level of care. Whenever possible, drug rehab treatment will begin during this phase, and you might start completing workbook assignments and/or attending group meetings or individual sessions.
Each person who enters The Right Step facility for inpatient detoxification is given individualized treatment and high-quality medical care. Our medical staff will work with you, monitor you, and assist with your individual needs.

Inpatient Detox Locations

Inpatient detox is offered at the following locations: