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Our approach not only teaches abstinence but helps you discover a new way of life without substances that is meaningful, enjoyable, fulfilling, and therefore sustainable. Positive Recovery®, our empowering treatment model, helps you uncover your strengths and discover healthier coping strategies so you can flourish in recovery.

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The Right Step family of treatment centers is one of the largest, most trusted alcohol and drug rehabs in the Southwest with over 15 locations throughout Texas. Find a drug or alcohol rehab program near you and begin your recovery journey today.

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A Home of an Addict

5 Hard Truths to Accept When Living with an Addict

If you’re living with a drug addict partner you probably have more than a few horror stories to share. Your life has undoubtedly been filled with stress and uncertainty, as you’ve been forced to watch someone you cherish spiral downward into the depths of oblivion.

Drunk Driving Statistics and Facts

5 Eye Opening Statistics on Drunk Driving

When revealed to the general public, the statistics on drunk driving never fail to elicit surprise and dismay. The numbers tell a story of death, mayhem and irresponsible behavior that undercuts the belief our country has gotten a handle on its drunk driving problem.

New Sober Hobbies for Recovery

Best Hobbies to Help Addicts Stay Sober

Life after recovery from addiction can feel as if you’ve stepped into someone else’s world. Drug use is a habit that requires the user to formulate his or her entire lifestyle based on acquiring, using and recovering from drugs. Once you’ve broken free from the grip of addiction, you need to reinvent your lifestyle around healthy hobbies that will help you stay on the sober track. Here are some of the best hobbies to help recovering addicts stay sober.

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