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Using Emotional Intelligence to Recognize Recovery Threats

The elements of emotional intelligence have more going for them than the alliterative way they dance off the tongue. Using the facets of emotional intelligence is vital to assess and create safe spaces to process and protect yourself from threats to your recovery.    What’s emotional intelligence?  Much like intellect, emotional intelligence (EQ) measures your…

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Making Amends – Moving Through AA Steps 8 and 9

You have come so far in your recovery. Through diligent work, you have made steady progress in admission, accountability and surrender of the power addiction once held over you.  There is much for you to be proud of as you approach the three-quarter mark of your recovery steps, but these can feel like precarious steps.…

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The Road to Recovery Includes Forgiving Yourself

Overcoming any addiction is challenging. Feelings of regret or remorse will surface, and a desire to revert to old behaviors will emerge. Often, the relationships, lifestyle, and livelihood of one’s life are stripped away – it can be hard to forgive yourself. When engaging in recovery, it is common to yearn for what was lost.…


Can Addiction Treatment Lead You to Discover Your True Self?

You may find yourself answering embarrassing questions about your history with addiction, naming the drugs of choice or unhealthy means of survival. You feel open and raw, exposing the bones in your closet. Possibly wondering what to expect next, you have found yourself in an addiction treatment program.  Regardless of the stage in your recovery…