people doing yoga for stress management techniques

Learn Healthy Stress Management Techniques in Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

There are healthy ways to manage stress. For this reason, stress management techniques are some of the first coping skills that you will learn in recovery at a substance abuse treatment program. If you are struggling with substance use disorder because you’re self-medicating to relieve stress and manage stress without substances, a good addiction treatment center…

man running showing relapse prevention techniques

Relapse Prevention Techniques for Those in Addiction Recovery

Everyone in recovery from drugs or alcohol at a substance abuse treatment program fears relapse. And while relapse is a valid threat, it is not something that simply happens overnight. Contrary to what many people think, relapse is a three-stage process that takes time to develop. Consequently, relapse prevention techniques will help keep you from progressing…

man showing the dangers of mixing substances

Get to Know the Dangers of Mixing Substances Before It’s Too Late

Prescription drugs seem safe to many people because they have been legally prescribed by a physician. However, if you take your prescription medication in ways not intended, you can become seriously ill. Combining medications, even those prescribed to you, can have lifelong repercussions. Some dangers of mixing substances can even be fatal. If you routinely combine medications…