people talking about warning signs of relapse

What Are the Warning Signs of Relapse for Drug Users?

A substantial number of people who go into a drug center program in Texas will relapse back into active substance use at least once before they establish lasting sobriety. A drug abuse relapse does not generally appear out of the blue. In fact, several emotional and psychological warning signs typically appear before actual substance intake…

bottles showing signs of substance use disorder

The Signs of Substance Use Disorder

Public health specialists, doctors, and experts divide addictive substances into two broad categories when discussing the signs of substance use disorder. These categories include drugs (including prescription medications) and alcohol. The core signs of addiction for all of these substances are essentially the same. They define the presence of a diagnosable condition called substance use…

marijuana as one of the commonly used drugs in san antonio

What Are the Most Commonly Used Drugs in San Antonio?

The most recent drug abuse statistics in San Antonio reveal some changes in patterns of usage. Drugs illegally imported from Mexico have transformed local markets. This has led to increases in drug consumption overall. Three drugs, in particular, have seen use levels spike in the San Antonio area. These drugs include marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin.…