Family Therapy Program

An essential part of your treatment at The Right Step is the family therapy program. This program recognizes the role of the family in addiction, recovery, and healthy daily living. After all, our families affect how we view ourselves and the choices we make in our lives. Regardless of what relationships your family includes, these essential people need healing and support, as much as you need the same from them.

Your family therapy program focuses on your family, as you define it. This individualized approach includes single-parent families, unmarried couples living together, children, LGBTQ+ partnerships, close friendships, or other types of relationships you turn to for love, acceptance, and support. At the same time, the members of your family gain a voice in your recovery and their own healing. Whatever shape your family takes, you all work together for better communication and a brighter future through The Right Step addiction treatment centers in Texas.

Addiction Runs in Families

Therapist talking about a family therapy programYour family therapy program plays a vital role in stopping your family’s pattern of substance abuse here and now, with your treatment at The Right Step. Addiction runs in families and is called a family disease because of its genetic and environmental threads.

Research shows that families participating in addiction treatment programs enjoy better health and happiness than when individuals seek treatment without family members taking part. When coupled with individual therapy, a family therapy program reduces relapse rates, improves medication use, reduces mental health symptoms, and relieves stress.

Addiction affects entire families. This is why the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) refers to addiction as a family disease. Within your family unit, addiction causes stress for your family members for an extended period. It also disrupts their routines and causes trauma.

As a result of this family disease of addiction, your whole family changes. Individuals and the group in your household now use unhealthy methods for coping and maintaining balance. You all became dysfunctional and adopt damaging behaviors just to survive. In essence, you must work together through family counseling to relearn healthy ways of coping with life and relating to one another.

How Substance Abuse and Addiction Affects Families

Addiction affected your family uniquely. Factors relating to these effects include family structure and behaviors specific to your family. For example, each member of your family suffered negative emotions because of substance abuse. These emotions include anger, anxiety, guilt, concern, resentment, fear, and embarrassment.

Your family risked their safety during your substance abuse. This risk often leads to legal actions. Sometimes family members must use the legal system against loved ones, just to keep the family safe.

During your substance abuse, one or more members of your household possibly had to carry more than their share of the family’s weight. Many young people must maintain responsibilities of adults when addiction takes over. This makes them grow up too fast and lose precious childhood freedoms. It also leads to loved ones feeling resentful, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Negative communication becomes the standard in families with substance abuse. This limits positive interaction. It also causes the sacrifice of other family members’ needs, just to meet the needs of the person abusing drugs or alcohol. Families with addiction lose their structure and boundaries, leading to more inappropriate behavior and enabling.

Substance abuse damages generations of relationships when negative behaviors take the place of positive ones. This behavioral modeling requires family counseling for change in order to help families see bad behaviors and replace them with positive ones. Otherwise, codependency and enabling continue along with other negative behaviors that create the perfect environment for more addictions to occur.

Your Texas Family Therapy Program at The Right Step

When you seek addiction treatment at The Right Step, your whole family starts fresh with healthier behaviors, boundaries, and communication skills, all learned in your family therapy program. Of course, you also need individualized care and therapies designed to address your addiction at its roots. These programs and treatments at The Right Step include:

You can bring hope, healing, and a brighter future back into your whole household with The Right Step’s addiction treatment and family therapy program. Call The Right Step now at 17135283709 to start taking your own right steps out of addiction, for yourself and your whole family.

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