Fitness Therapy Program

Rarely do people take care of themselves when they are focused on their next fix. As such, those struggling with addiction often face other serious health problems such as obesity and high blood pressure. A fitness therapy program can help individuals undo some of the adverse side effects of drug abuse and make a fresh start. If you’ve heard people talking about exercise therapy but weren’t quite sure what it was, you’ll find the information below very helpful.

What is a Fitness Therapy Program?

Man trains during his fitness therapy programA fitness therapy program involves formal exercise that’s designed to help you sharpen your mind and improve your physical health. The purpose behind working out is to alleviate stress and give you an outlet for your anxiety. That way, you are better able to focus on your addiction treatment plan.

Exercise therapy can involve different things, ranging from aerobics and yoga classes to riding a stationary bicycle. Even participating in athletic activities such as playing basketball or volleyball can qualify as fitness therapy for addiction. For maximum effectiveness, you should participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity four or more times per week.

Who can Benefit from Fitness Therapy?

Numerous studies show that regular exercise increases levels of dopamine in your brain. As such, those who work out are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety-two things that will increase your risk of substance abuse. This benefit affects young and old alike, meaning that anyone can reap the benefits of exercise therapy.

Some evidence also suggests that rigorous physical activity also lessens the number of cravings a person has. So by working out, you could also reduce your chances of experiencing a relapse later.

People of all fitness levels can benefit from exercise. You’ll notice the positive effects almost immediately, and will continue to enjoy them as long as you keep up with your workout routine.

Goals of Fitness Therapy for Addiction

You do not have to set any particular fitness goals. Getting in great shape is not the primary focus of exercise therapy, although it is indeed a benefit. The purpose of a fitness therapy program is to provide you with another tool in which to beat addiction. Drug and alcohol dependencies are powerful, so the more tools you have in your arsenal, the better.

Working out while in rehab does have another goal, and that is to provide you with positive life changes. We hope that by instilling good habits now, that you will want to continue them once you have completed your recovery journey. The more beneficial changes you make, the higher the odds are that you will remain sober for life.

What Other Treatments Will I Need?

A fitness therapy program alone will not solve your addiction problem. To beat dependency, you’ll need a full range of programs such as the ones offered here at the Right Step Centers. A few of the ones we offer include:

We offer these programs in conjunction with other therapies such as nutrition counseling and recreational activities. In providing such a wide range of programs, we can help your mind and body fully heal from the scars of addiction.

A Full Range of Programs from a Reputable Center

If you are interested in learning about our fitness therapy program or any of our other services, do not delay calling us. Get in touch with us today at 17135283709 so that we can put you on the path to recovery.

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