Addiction Treatment for a Client

Finding Specialized Addiction Treatment for a Client

addiction treatment for a clientAt The Right Step, we utilize an extensive network of referring addiction therapists, recovery physicians, and other clinical treatment professionals to get patients into treatment. We are your partners on the path to recovery. We provide regular updates throughout your client’s program and can ensure there’s a seamless transition back into your care after treatment with us.

Assessment Consultations

The Right Step admissions team works closely with you and your client to put them in the ideal treatment program. Following a comprehensive phone consultation, we suggest the treatment options we offer that align with your client’s needs. Our regimen will offer the treatment for the presenting issues, specialized clinical service needs, specific preferences, financial constraints, and potential rehab insurance coverage.

Intake Made Simple

Once a decision has been on where to get addiction treatment for a client, the important work follows. The Right Step will keep in touch with your client’s family to keep them up to date and discuss things such as insurance verification and travel options as needed. If a client will be attending treatment out of town, then many of The Right Step centers can provide the necessary transportation.

Keeping You Up to Date

Promises Behavioral Health works hard to nurture relationships with colleagues. We are humbled that you trust us with the care of your valued clients. Many professionals regularly refer clients to The Right Step addiction and mental health treatment centers for many reasons. The main reason is we maintain communication with them and provide updates. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure the seamless continuity of care our clients love.

Getting to Those In Need Where They Are

The Right Step nationwide outreach team serves as a liaison and point of contact for you during admissions, treatment, and post-treatment aftercare programs. This team is always ready and willing to assist you and your client in any possible way. They strive to go above and beyond for you and your client to ensure the process is as simple as possible.

Long Term Care Programs

Once a client leaves treatment, the next phase of our relationship begins. We don’t just cut you loose, instead, we’ll craft an inclusive aftercare plan for every client. This plan helps transition care back to you as well as put them in touch with support groups and other addiction resources close to home. With client consent, our staff will also perform follow-ups to discuss client progress and supply additional resources as necessary.

We Can Help. Call Us for Addiction Treatment for a Client

As an addiction care provider, we solely want what’s best for your client and their recovery. If your client is in need of a higher or more intensive level of care, The Right Step is an ideal partner. When we work together, we can help even more people find the recovery therapies they need. Call The Right Step today at 17135283709 to learn more about our programs as well as to learn more about how we can work together to create a more comprehensive recovery experience.

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