addiction treatment for yourself The Right StepSubstance abuse and mental health issues cause untold damage to the lives of far too many people every year. At The Right Step, a fulfilling recovery is possible, and we provide you with the tools to do so. If you are seeking addiction treatment for yourself, it helps to understand each step in the process. The first is choosing a Right Step mental health and addiction treatment center for your therapy.

A Simplified Admissions Process

Right Step treatment counselors offer each client a free private phone evaluation and insurance verification to help you get the best treatment program. One which suits your needs, desires, travel capabilities, and financial constraints. Let us handle the specifics, while you take care of the first and more important step, starting recovery. Call 17135283709.

Customized Treatment Programs

The Right Step addiction and mental health treatment centers are the gold standards in personalized addiction care. Our experts work with you to establish a plan that capitalizes on your strengths, preferences, and needs. This ensures that your therapy returns you to everything that makes you unique.

Facilities that Feel Like Home

In rehab, you need to put all your energy into treatment, rather than focusing on the life you left behind. For this reason, we make our addiction and mental health treatment centers as comfortable as possible. This begins with a home-like environment that offers relaxing bedrooms and welcoming public living spaces. Many of our centers offer luxury amenities as well as professional chefs.

Cutting-Edge Addiction Therapy

Like any addiction rehab, traditional therapies such as individual, group, and family therapy along with alternative and experiential approaches are important. To complement them, we provide activities such as yoga, adventure therapies, mindfulness, fitness, acupuncture, art therapy, as well as EMDR therapy. Click here to view our comprehensive addiction therapies.

Long Term Recovery Support

Sobriety is a lifelong battle. Therefore, we offer aftercare therapy options and alumni program groups offer continued peer support during your recovery.

It’s never too late to rebuild your life. Call now 17135283709

Take charge of your life and make the call that will turn it around. You know that you deserve the life you always imagined for yourself. Call The Right Step today for a free, confidential addiction consultation. You can connect with a treatment center that fits your needs and budget. The Right Step will work directly with your insurance company to determine your coverage and get you into treatment as soon as possible.