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Why The Right Step?

We understand the pain of addiction and also the life-changing experience of recovery; many of us have been there ourselves. We’re confident that you’ll find the program and personalized care that you need to heal from substance abuse and move into a healthier way of life at The Right Step family of drug rehab centers. Highlights of our program include:

Programs for all needs

Programs to Meet a Variety of Needs

We have facilities across Texas and offer a full continuum of addiction treatment services. Our programming includes medical detox, inpatient drug rehab, outpatient treatment and continuing care options. We provide comprehensive assessments conducted by medical and psychological professionals to determine the appropriate level of care and best program and approaches for your needs. Learn more or call 844-877-1781.

Many Locations in Texas

Convenient Locations Throughout Texas

The Right Step has several drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout Texas, including Houston, Austin/San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Our locations are convenient and within easy reach of major airports. View our locations.

Experienced Staff at The Right Step

Experienced, Passionate Staff

We pride ourselves on a highly skilled treatment team that includes a board-certified addictionologist, psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, advanced nurse practitioners and other addiction specialists. Our clinicians combine years of experience and evidence-based approaches to offer exceptional drug and alcohol treatment. Many of our staff members are in recovery and can relate to your experiences on a personal level.

Treatment for the entire family

Treatment for the Whole Family

Recognizing that addiction affects the entire family, we offer support for your loved ones, addressing the ways addiction has touched their lives and how they can best support you and themselves in recovery. We view family and loved ones as essential parts of the treatment process and offer family therapy, family education and support groups.

Positive Recovery

Recovery Approaches Grounded in Positive Psychology

We don’t just help you eliminate substances; we show you a new way of life that makes recovery more rewarding than addiction – so it’s sustainable long-term. In conjunction with evidence-based therapies, we help you draw upon your inner strengths and create a personally fulfilling recovery path. 

Long-Term Support

Long-Term Recovery Support

Our support doesn’t end when you leave treatment. From day one we have your transition back home in mind and work closely with you to ensure the proper support is in place ahead of time. In addition to learning new, healthy coping skills in treatment, you’ll receive two years of complimentary aftercare and access to all of our alumni events and support groups. Learn more.

Treatment that fits into your life

Treatment That Fits You and Your Life

Each person has a unique path to recovery, and we’ll help you find yours. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our treatment team works with you to find the therapies that help you fulfill your mental, emotional and physical needs. From your initial assessment to aftercare planning, we craft a treatment plan tailored to you.

A healthy lifestyle

Emphasis on a Healthy Lifestyle

Since drug and alcohol abuse can lead to nutritional deficiencies and poor physical health, proper nourishment and fitness are important aspects of recovery. We work with you to begin restoring your physical health while you’re in treatment so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle after you leave. We offer onsite fitness and prepare nutritious food, and teach you how to carry over these practices in everyday life.

Evidence Based Therapies

Evidence-Based Therapies

Our licensed clinicians are specially trained in a number of therapeutic approaches that have been shown to successfully help those struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and mindfulness practices are just some of the approaches we use. Learn more.

Core Issues

Attention to Core Issues That Drive Addiction

For many people, an underlying mental health issue is fueling substance abuse or is perpetuated by drugs or alcohol. We have a skilled team of psychiatric and mental health professionals who are experienced in treating drug addiction that is compounded by depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. Learn more.

Affordable Care

High-Quality, Affordable Care

We believe financial concerns shouldn’t be a barrier to effective addiction treatment. The Right Step family of alcohol and drug rehab programs provides quality treatment on par with high-end programs at a fraction of the cost. We accept most PPO insurance plans and will work with you to find the appropriate level of care for your needs and budget. Learn more.

Posted on August 26, 2015
Last modified on May 12th, 2019

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