Medication Therapy Management

Substance abuse and addiction threaten to derail your life. Maybe it has already succeeded. The Right Step therapists are here to tell you that all isn’t lost. With medication therapy management, you have an excellent opportunity to turn your life around.

Understanding the Advantages of Medication Therapy Management

Woman who could use the help of a medication therapy management programs in TexasIt’s a common misconception that you have to white-knuckle it during recovery. That’s not true. There’s no reason why you should suffer pain and cravings that go beyond your ability to cope. The medication management programs in Texas offer an alternative to that.

Street and prescription drug addiction treatment centers in TX incorporate medication-assisted therapy. It empowers clients to break the physical dependence on a substance. Most importantly, this treatment option eliminates pain, which is a significant reason for some to keep using. Because you’re able to undo this aspect of addiction, you can focus on rehab sooner.

Examples of how Medication-Assisted Treatment Works

The FDA approves a growing number of medications in the fight against addiction. While these prescriptions can’t take the place of talk therapy, they do have a reliable place in recovery. Case in point is the use of naltrexone. As the medication Vivitrol, it helps clients with an alcohol use disorder quit drinking.

Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist. In the brain, it attaches to the same receptor as heroin and similar opiates or opioids. However, it can’t result in the high that these drugs accomplish. Therefore, it leaves you unable to reach a high while greatly diminishing discomfort and cravings.

Suboxone has similar effects, which makes it suitable as a maintenance drug for post-acute withdrawal symptoms. This recognition of medication therapy management gives hope to clients who’ve struggled with relapse. For someone with an alcohol use disorder, disulfiram is a corresponding maintenance medication.

There are additional medication management programs Texas clients trust for dependency on cocaine and other stimulants. Of course, before any therapist at The Right Step suggests program participation, clients undergo a thorough assessment. Our team works hard to ensure that you receive practical and effective solutions for recovery.

Medications are Part of a Larger Recovery Program

A medication therapy management program alone doesn’t result in recovery. Sure, it may help you overcome the physical addiction. However, it won’t tackle the psychological dependency. That’s what clinical care is for.

At The Right Step, we offer both medical and clinical addiction therapy programs. It’s an excellent opportunity to eliminate early relapse. Because rehab is readily available after you complete detox, you transfer right over. There’s no need to look around for a suitable facility.

Typical modalities include:

  • Gender-separate groups that give you a forum to process problems discuss issues and receive peer feedback
  • Individual counseling that empowers you to chart a course to long-term sobriety
  • Family therapy as a tool for rebuilding trust, communicating honestly, and garnering support
  • Behavioral counseling, which helps you understand why you began using in the first place
  • Psychotherapy for underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression

When you combine medication therapy management with clinical care, you better your odds of entering lasting recovery. Besides that, you learn new coping, social, and life skills. Case in point is 12 Step involvement. After program graduation, you continue with support group attendance.

There, you express yourself freely and receive peer counseling. Accountability in this setting is another reason why you keep going back. Subsequently, you find that you want to help mentor others. Therefore, you immerse yourself more fully in the recovery community.

What Happens if You Relapse?

Relapse doesn’t mean that rehab failed. Because addiction’s a chronic disease, relapse is possible. The Right Step offers a specialized relapse track that helps people in this situation. Once again, medication-assisted treatment can give you the relief you need.

Find out more about enrolling in detox and rehab today. You don’t have to be sober to do so. It’s not unusual for us to work with clients who used just before coming in. We’ll help you achieve sobriety.

Learn more about the medication therapy management program at The Right Step. Have our friendly intake counselor run an insurance verification today. They can then go ahead and schedule your intake appointment. Call 17135283709 now.

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