Motivational Interviewing Program

When it comes to addiction, finding the motivation for recovery can be difficult, especially as you go through the ups and downs of life. Many who complete drug and alcohol rehab programs wind up relapsing and needing further treatment. However, these relapses are not failures, and help is available. You can rely on the support from a motivational interviewing program and an individual therapy program in Texas at every step. At The Right Step, our staff dedicates themselves to raising the potential for success by more personally addressing the causes of addiction within an individual.

How a Motivational Interviewing Program Helps

group meets for motivational interviewing programMotivational interviewing programs are evidence-based addiction therapies that explore the causes that drive addiction within an individual. The goal is to find the internal motivation driving addiction through a more interpersonal exchange. The client provides more insight into insecurities and ambivalent feelings that drive unwanted behaviors. Those behaviors typically lead to substance abuse and addiction.

When the client can vocalize the feelings and issues driving the behavior, the client more readily grasps the problem. Instead of having someone tell the client what is wrong, the client informs the counselor. That gives more credence to the final diagnosis and better enables clients to resolve personal issues driving their addictive behaviors.

How Counselors Use Motivational Interviewing Programs

Working with an experienced counselor at a The Right Step motivational interviewing program in TX better enables clients to reflect and heal. Motivational interviewing techniques require the counselor to act as a helper in the process of change that the client must undergo. The method enables clients to exercise their free choice, which better enables them to grasp the issues driving their addiction. It also helps them to accept the need for change in their lives and undergo successful therapy. The counselor’s goal is to elicit statements in which the client finds the self-motivation to overcome their addictions and related bad behaviors. Rather than shaming a client into seeking help, it enables them to realize their problems and find the best pathways to recovery.

The therapy also does a better job of building self-esteem within clients. The counselor also acts more in an affirming role, rather than pointing out flaws and problems with the client. The counselor listens and elicits greater personal revelation and insights That acceptance also better enables them to respond well to therapy. That dramatically helps reduce the potential for relapse. It also can shorten the time it takes the client to manage better and overcome addiction and addictive behaviors.

Motivational Interviewing at a Drug Rehab Center

A motivational interviewing program works particularly well alongside other evidence-based addiction therapies. The program helps clients move through the change process gradually. Initially, a client might be unwilling to make necessary personal changes to ensure a full recovery. Through motivational interviewing, the client gradually moves through emotional stages that initiate change. That helps the client find the motivation needed to overcome addiction and related behaviors.

Treatment programs at The Right Step, where a motivational interview program may be used include:

Additionally, motivational interviewing can be a crucial source of support for treating addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders during a dual diagnosis treatment program. Those with anger-management issues, for example, can better articulate their feelings and motivations. Motivational interviewing helps them to identify their own bad behaviors better and resolve them.

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