Trauma Therapy Program

The Right Step provides trauma therapy programs at several locations throughout Texas. We offer a wide variety of trauma therapies that help people suffering from PTSD and other trauma disorders. Our staff is warm, caring, and compassionate. We want to help you recover from whatever trauma is holding you back from enjoying a full, joyful life.

We use a verified by observation program called ‘The Daring Way.’ This program, written by Dr. Brene Brown, is described as ‘courage building, shame resilience, and uncovering the power of vulnerability.’ If you are searching for a trauma therapy program in TX, The Right Step is the solution.

Defining Trauma and the Need for Treatment

man participates in trauma therapy programIf something happens to an individual from which they cannot recover, they have trauma. It can be physical, mental, emotional, or sexual. states that PTSD is a mental disorder and describes the following as trauma:

  • Military veterans who have faced tragedies as dead bodies, seeing friends die in battle, being attacked, or injured in service
  • Military veterans who are on a long deployment, away from family and friends for months at a time
  • Victims of rape, incest or domestic violence
  • Minorities who suffered threats or harm due to race, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Exposure to violence – shootings, robberies, rape, beatings, domestic violence, or any other form of violence that results in the harm or death of another human being or animal
  • Insecurities such as poverty, lack of attention or love, neglect, or other social issues

What Is Trauma Therapy?

Recovering from trauma can be exhausting and difficult. Symptoms of trauma include recurring nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty breathing, and increased heart rate when reminded of the traumatic event. A person living with PTSD may avoid anything that might remind them of what happened. Signs of PTSD include:

  • Anger
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Negative thoughts or feeling
  • Blaming themselves or others
  • Inability to experience passion or happiness

In a trauma therapy program or PTSD treatment program, trained clinicians and counselors help you identify the roots of trauma. Often, you may be unaware of how deep-seated these issues are. In a warm and comforting environment, you have the opportunity to reveal these traumas and begin working on recovery.

In further sessions, your therapists will help you build the coping skills you will need to improve your mental health. Evidence-based treatments rely on proven methods of recovering from trauma. Furthermore, holistic therapy programs provide outlets to relieve stress or develop alternative coping methods. With all of these resources, you will be prepared with the skills and knowledge you need for long term recovery.

Trauma Therapy and Comorbidity

Many people who have been exposed to trauma will push the feelings down inside themselves or feel ashamed. This can result in depression, anxiety, or fear. Often, these symptoms drive sufferers to abuse drugs or alcohol to cope. Drug and alcohol addiction are often key indicators of a dual diagnosis. If you suspect you need PTSD therapy and are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, The Right Step is the best choice for your recovery. Our trauma therapy program TX is just what the doctor ordered. The Right Step trauma therapy program can be a part of:

The Right Step treatment centers are conveniently located in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Hill Country, Texas. With three locations to choose from, no matter where you are, The Right Step is available to help. We offer a full continuum of services to help you get on the right track. Call us today at 17135283709 to get started on your recovery.

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