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Getting your life back after falling into the grasp of addiction requires a commitment to recovery. Learning to live your life without the temptations of slipping back into your old habits likely requires extended support. People with addiction issues often turn to an aftercare program or sober living homes in Texas. When combined with a relapse prevention therapy program in TX, the sober living homes provided by The Right Step offer clients the opportunity to continue receiving services and support as they work on lasting recovery. Sober living programs provide the ideal services and living environment to help you live a life free of alcohol and other drugs.

What are Sober Living Homes?

clients relax at a sober living home in texasSober living programs are facilities that house several residents in a drug-free environment. The supervised, structured program provides individuals with the opportunity to reside in a safe environment once they complete their treatment program. Clients abide by the sober living home facility rules. Additionally, they gain the tools to further abstain from alcohol or other drugs. They also learn to live independently, facing the responsibilities that most people have in society.

Some people complete a treatment program and feel that they are not ready to live on their own without a structured environment. Did you recently finish a substance abuse treatment program and are concerned about your next step? Do you fear that you are not ready to return home because you are not yet strong enough to resist those old people, old places, and old things? Sober living homes are often the best choice for maintaining a successful recovery.

Are you fearful that you are not ready for the hard work of recovery? Do you feel that you just need a little more time to gain the confidence needed for avoiding old behaviors or triggers? These are just some reasons that a sober living home often provides the best aftercare situation for many individuals.

When researchers conducted a study on sober living homes and looked at 18-month outcomes, researchers discovered several positive outcomes. Clients that turned to a sober living home were less likely to relapse. Many participants in the study made improvements when their recovery success was measured after six months at a sober living home. Similarly, the success was maintained at 12-month and at 18-month intervals.

What are the Benefits of Sober Living Homes?

Maintaining sobriety is an essential part of recovery once you complete a treatment program. When you are not yet ready to live on your own or are not ready to return to your own community, perhaps you prefer a sober living home. Choose sober living in Austin or Houston to receive the support, structure, and other benefits of extended recovery services. Complete your rehab aftercare program in a safe environment. Opt for continuing your recovery at The First Step sober living homes in Texas. There, you receive several benefits, including:

  • Learning to set and achieve realistic recovery goals
  • Receiving additional tools and information that helps you focus on sobriety
  • Support from caring and experienced staff
  • Involvement in groups and other social support systems that promote remaining drug-free
  • Living in an environment proven by researchers to increase the chances of successful recovery
  • Opportunity to work on relapse prevention

There are a variety of benefits of residing at a sober living home in Texas. Each program provides individualized benefits based on your specific recovery needs.

Continue Your Recovery with The Right Step

After completing treatment, some people seek sober living in Austin, Houston, or another location in Texas. The Right Step’s sober living homes provide an ideal environment where you can continue an aftercare program and relapse prevention plan. Other individuals opt for considering sober living homes after experiencing a relapse, as part of a structured chronic relapse treatment program. The structured environment and services provide an ideal alternative to returning to a harmful living environment immediately after treatment.

Do you want the best opportunity for remaining sober after treatment? Do you want the support of professionals that understand your needs and that have the expertise to help you on your road to recovery? Contact us today at 17135283709 to learn more about sober living homes Texas options.

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