a group of people sitting in a circle in a Drug Rehab Program comfort each other“Drug” is the common term for a broad range of substances that alter your brain and body function. The term applies to all types of illegal, addictive substances. It also applies to legally made prescription medications. Problems with various drugs are a widespread personal and social issue throughout the U.S. If you or your loved one experience these problems, you may require the expert care of a drug rehab program. Rehab for any given substance can help you get sober and establish ongoing drug abstinence. 

The Right Step is a leading provider of drug rehabilitation services. Whether you’re struggling with legal or illegal substances, you’ll find a recovery plan that fits your needs and situations. You’ll also find a staff of experts dedicated to exceeding modern standards for quality care. 

How Addictive Drugs Affect You 

There are many different classes or types of addictive drugs. Each class affects you in its particular, characteristic way. Some drugs slow down your central nervous system. Others speed your system up. But regardless of such differences, all drugs capable of triggering addiction have certain similar effects on you. 

First and foremost, all addictive drugs change your normal brain chemistry. If you take them long enough and often enough, your brain may not only expect this change. It may start to count on it. The common term for this altered state of brain health is physical drug dependence.  

Physical dependence is a reason for serious concern. But by itself, it doesn’t constitute clinical addiction. Instead, addiction is rooted in two additional connected problems. The first of these problems is a deeply conditioned urge to find more drugs and use them. The second is the loss of caring for the damage you do while satisfying that urge. 

The Role of Detox in Drug Rehab 

In rehab, an effective response to addiction begins with drug detox. Detox programs provide the oversight and support you need to: 

  • Disrupt the cycle of compulsive drug use 
  • Avoid taking more drugs while your system clears 
  • Bear the distressing effects of drug withdrawal 
  • Reach a sober state and continue on the path to recovery 

Some methods used to achieve these goals are the same for all street drugs and medications. However, others depend on the specific class of the substance causing your addiction symptoms. All effective detox plans are based on a combination of these general and particular methods. They also take the unique details of your situation into account. 

Active Treatment During Drug Rehab 

Detox is the starting point of a successful drug rehab program. Active treatment solidifies and furthers your recovery. It does so by helping you: 

  • Fortify your new pattern of drug abstinence 
  • Come to grips with how and why your addictive substance use began 
  • Recognize the ways you increase your risks for future drug use 
  • Change your habits so you can manage those risks 
  • Find effective ways to reinforce your sobriety in day-to-day life 

Modern psychotherapy is crucial to achieving these kinds of goals. Active treatment for certain forms of addiction also includes targeted use of medication. Like detox, treatment is fully customized and coordinated throughout rehab. 

Turn to The Right Step for a Drug Rehab Program That Truly Meets Your Needs 

Drug rehab plays an essential role in short- and long-term substance recovery when used effectively. A program that fits your needs will help you stop using a given drug. It will also show you how to maintain your drug-free status.  

The Right Step is your reliable source for premier rehab services. You can get detailed information on our customized detox and treatment plans by calling us today at 17135283709. You can also reach out to us via our online message form.  

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