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One of the primary scourges on American society today is drug addiction. Every day, illicit drug use and overdoses of prescribed pain killers claim lives. A staggering 7.3% of young adults have admitted to abusing drug substances in the last year. These abuses result in 130 deaths per day in the area of opioid misuse alone. Thankfully, not every drug abuser’s life ends in overdose. Many in need will find their way to a men’s addiction treatment center in TX where they can gain valuable assistance and even enroll in a post-treatment rehab alumni program.

If you are looking for an alumni program in TX, The Right Step has several quality options for you. While there are many women who struggle with substance abuse, the larger percentage of drug misusers are men. There are several key biological and sociological characteristics that make males more susceptible to drug abuse.

Male Drug Addiction in TX

a doctor and a patient at a Mens Drug Rehab Center TXWhen it comes to male drug addiction, it is important to understand how gender-specific traits play a part in the struggle to stay clean. The following are often true of men who struggle with drug abuse:

  • While women often fall into addiction more quickly, men generally fall into a more severe form of addiction
  • Men are less likely to overdose than their female counterparts
  • While women may begin illicit drug use through self-medication, most males will begin illicit drug use through social peer pressure situations
  • Male drug abusers usually don’t relapse as frequently as female drug abusers

Sadly, in the category of males 12+, 11.5% struggle with some form of substance abuse. Gaining an intimate knowledge of how drug abuse affects specific genders is an important step towards reducing the numbers of those currently suffering from drug addiction. If you are struggling with addiction and would like to find a Texas addiction treatment center, contact The Right Step.

Men’s Drug Rehab Center in TX

If you suspect that you may have crossed the line into dangerous drug behaviors, it is time to self-assess. These warning signs of beginning drug addiction are a starting point to determining if you are in need of professional help:

  • Avoidance of typical work or family-related responsibilities
  • Sudden, unexplained relationship volatility
  • Disregard of law enforcement and rules in general
  • Sudden desire to act out in dangerous ways

If you are concerned about a loved one, look for these red flags:

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Drastic weight fluctuation and inability to sleep
  • Withdrawal into a more isolated lifestyle
  • Sudden disinterest in favorite hobbies and activities
  • Eye changes (bloodshot, dilated pupils, etc.)

In addition to those who use drugs illicitly, there is another group who can become addicted: those taking prescription medication. Gradual addiction to prescription meds can be a much more difficult addiction to avoid. Prescription drugs like opioids should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor and under strict supervision. Even with these safeguards, it is important to be personally aware of the beginning stages of drug abuse and what that can look like.

Why A Men’s Drug Rehab Center?

There are several reasons to consider utilizing a men’s Texas drug rehab program:

  • Men will benefit from a strong sense of male community
  • Men may be less distracted in a male-focused therapy program
  • Therapy can focus on dealing with male-specific issues

The strongest advantage above lies in the sense of community. Peers and therapists alike can form a strong support system for an individual who wants to achieve and maintain a drug-free life.

Quality Men’s Drug Rehab Center in TX

If you are exhibiting signs of drug addiction or if your loved ones have expressed concern, please reach out to us at The Right Step. We believe that we have the best quality drug rehab center program in TX in the Dallas, Houston, and Hill Country areas.

Here at The Right Step, our teams of medical professionals and therapists are second to none. Our list of offered services is extensive:

Getting professional intervention through a men’s drug rehab center in TX can be a life-changer in your journey towards whole-life health and cleanliness. While many try self-rehabilitation, there really is no substitute for the kind of medical and personal care that you will receive at The Right Step. If you are ready to take your first step towards clean living, make an appointment with us today at 17135283709.

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