a person sits on a couch and talks to a therapist taking notes in a residential treatment programNo matter who you are, if you’re affected by substance problems, there’s a specific program that can help you recover. The most common recovery setting is some sort of outpatient program. However, depending on your needs, you may be better served by enrolling in residential treatment. Residential programs provide the time and focus required to overcome severe addiction. In this way, they offer an ideal treatment setting for those most heavily impacted by drug or alcohol struggles. 

Do you or your loved one need help recovering from the severe effects of drug or alcohol use? Call on the trusted expertise of The Right Step. We feature a residential treatment program that offers comprehensive recovery services. With help from these services, even those most seriously affected by addiction can chart an attainable path to eventual sobriety.  

What Is a Residential Treatment Program? 

You may have heard of residential treatment for substance use disorders. You may also have heard of inpatient treatment. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they refer to different things. A residential program provides round-the-clock care in a generally homelike setting. In contrast, an inpatient program provides a similar level of care in a more hospital-like environment.  

There are also differences in the average length of stay. Inpatient programs usually last for a week or less. You then move on to a different kind of recovery setting. However, residential programs can last from one to three months or even longer if extended residential is offered.  

The 24/7 environment of a residential program makes it the preferred setting for recovery from severe addiction. You spend much of your time receiving treatment for the particular condition affecting you. In addition, you will have access to additional help outside of your formal treatment sessions. Residential programs also feature on-call medical personnel. 

Understanding the Criteria for Residential Treatment 

People who need residential treatment are dealing with some serious recovery issues. These issues commonly include such things as: 

  • Six or more symptoms of a drug or alcohol-related substance problem 
  • Unstable physical or mental health that calls for ongoing oversight 
  • Lack of an effective support system outside the treatment setting 

You may only be affected by one of these concerns. However, many people in recovery are affected by two or more of them. Before entering treatment, you’ll undergo an assessment to determine whether or not residential care is right for you. 

Services Provided in a Residential Program 

In any residential rehab program, you will benefit from multiple kinds of treatment services. Examples of the most frequently provided options include: 

  • Treatment planning, case management, and other clinical services 
  • Education on the nature of addiction and the goals of rehab 
  • One or more forms of psychotherapy 
  • Medication for certain forms of addiction 
  • Management of any medication you take 
  • Relapse prevention and coping skills training 
  • Help with any additional mental or physical health issues affecting you 

Each person enrolled in treatment receives a customized course of these services. This customization ensures that your treatment plan truly supports your recovery. The plan that works for you may differ significantly from a plan that works for someone else. 

Turn to The Right Step’s Comprehensive Residential Treatment Program 

Have more questions about residential rehab for drug or alcohol disorders? The experts at The Right Step are standing by to answer them. With our help, you can make informed decisions about the best care options for you or your loved one. 

The Right Step is a top provider of residential services. We feature a customized, comprehensive approach that supports recovery from all forms of addiction. Call us today at 17135283709 for more information. Feel free to also message us online via our convenient form. 

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