Texas Heroin Withdrawal and Detox

Heroin is an illicit drug that is highly addictive. It is within the opioid family of drugs, making it also one of the highest risk drugs for overdose. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that, in 2017, 47,000 people in the U.S. died from overdosing from opioids, including heroin. If you’re in Texas, heroin withdrawal and detox support is available to you through The Right Step. Our team can help you avoid becoming a statistic.

a man and his doctor at a texas heroin withdrawal and detoxTexas Heroin Withdrawal and Detox Explained

In Texas, heroin withdrawal and detox is one of the most important first steps in getting help to overcome this addiction. Many and women who have used heroin or other opioids for a long time, those using a significant amount of heroin each time, or those who have overdosed, benefit the most from a drug detox program. During detox, it is possible to ease the withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings. Most people with a heroin addiction cannot just stop using it.

What to Expect from Heroin Withdrawal

Though many factors play a role in heroin withdrawal, people may fee:

  • Muscle pain
  • Excessive hunger or a loss of appetite
  • Night sweats and clammy skin
  • Agitation and crying randomly
  • Restlessness
  • Delirium
  • Depression
  • Severe anxiety and paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Disorientation and mental confusion
  • Insomnia

In addition, it is common for people who have a heroin addiction to experience seizures, slurred speech, trembling, tremors, and, at times, a loss of consciousness. Because withdrawal symptoms are very intense, it is not easy for people to simply stop using.

Why Heroin Addiction Is So Worrisome

When a person uses heroin, they get an instant high. Though it does not last long, it is so intense that many people seek out use again. Within the brain, the heroin activates the opioid receptors, which control the sense of pleasure in the brain. They also control the fight or flight instinct and many other aspects of the brain and body function. Because heroin interacts with them, the brain begins to become more dependent on the drug. As a result, it needs the drug to function normally. This occurs when chemical dependency is present.

A key concern with heroin is that in order to obtain the same high and function level, the brain needs more and more of the drug. Yet, this is a toxic substance. It is also very capable of overloading the body’s respiratory system and your heart’s function. This puts you at risk of an overdose.

As a result of this, many people need to seek out help detoxing. It provides an opportunity to remove the chemical from the body in a safe manner. Our Texas withdrawal and detox center can offer support throughout that process.

What to Expect During Detox

At The Right Step, our Texas heroin withdrawal and detox program is designed to meet your needs during this very dangerous time. It’s essential that we monitor your health to ensure you don’t experience life-threatening complications during the withdrawal process. To do that, many of our clients with heroin addiction will work through our medical drug detox program. During this treatment program, we can use medications that are not addictive but create the same function within the brain as heroin. This allows you to ease off the substance over time. We also use a wide range of medications to minimize pain and discomfort during the process.

Getting Long Term Help

Once you complete our Texas heroin withdrawal and detox program, you will end up receiving ongoing care in one of our programs such as:

Your needs are unique, but our team at The Right Step is here to support you through the process of helping you to get sober and to remain clean.

Getting a Fresh Start Through Heroin Treatment

Men and women facing the biggest challenge of their life need a comprehensive option for care in a Texas heroin withdrawal and detox program. Allow our team at The Right Step to provide you with comprehensive support in a caring environment. To learn more about getting immediate help, call 17135283709.

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