Women’s Drug Rehab Center

Drug addiction is rampant throughout American society. Causes include both Illegal drugs and abuse of prescribed painkillers. It is reported that 7.3% of all young adults suffer from some form of drug abuse. Opioid overdose alone takes 130 lives each day.

Many substance abusers in the heart of America will seek help at a drug rehab or relapse prevention therapy program in TX, but many will not.

A large percentage of those who struggle with addiction are women. To understand how to best help women struggling with substance abuse, it is useful to examine the pitfalls unique to female addiction.

What Aspects of Drug Addiction Are Unique to Women?

two women at a Womens Drug Rehab Center TXSeveral factors (both biological and environmental) may cause specific struggles for women when it comes to substance abuse:

  • Drug abuse may take a harsher toll on a woman’s heart and blood vessels
  • Drug effects may be magnified due to the presence of certain female hormones
  • Domestic violence greatly increases the possibility of substance abuse
  • Women may become addicted faster and on smaller doses than men
  • Women are more likely to use drugs to lose weight, increase sleep, or self-treat stress issues

15.4% of females have abused drugs in some way in the last year, so increased education can only help in the effort to decrease female substance abuse numbers.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Women’s Drug Rehab Center?

The list of extra concerns for drug-using women above is not an exhaustive list. There are many other additional factors involved. Thankfully, these increased risks can be avoided by paying attention to the warning signs of beginning drug addiction:

  • Withdrawal from normal responsibilities
  • Trouble with law enforcement
  • Uncharacteristic relationship issues
  • Exhibiting dangerous behaviors

Physical manifestations to look for in loved ones suspected of substance abuse include the following:

  • Behaviors of isolation
  • Physical changes such as bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils
  • Sudden changes in weight or sleep patterns
  • Drastically fluctuating moods
  • Abandonment of favorite activities or friend groups

It is almost impossible to discern the moment when drug use becomes drug abuse. Drug use should only occur under the direct supervision of a medical professional. Even with medical supervision, strict personal evaluation is necessary to avoid opioid or prescription drug addiction pitfalls.

Listen to the concern of those around you. Your loved ones will often notice changes in your appearance and behavior before you do.

What Advantages Does a Women’s Drug Rehab Center Offer?

There are several ways that a women’s drug rehab program can provide support to female patients:

  • Women’s therapy groups encourage more openness as women are generally more relationship-oriented
  • Women characteristically feel safer in a women’s addiction treatment center
  • They may be less distracted in women’s rehab programs
  • Women may be able to maintain custody of children while enrolled in a women’s rehab program
  • Individual therapy can be focused directly on women-specific issues

With the advantages offered within a women’s drug rehab center, female patients may have an increased chance of maintaining clean living as well as avoiding relapse.

Many women will build relationships within a women’s therapy program that will last a lifetime. This support system can be crucial to continuing drug-free success.

Where can I Find a Quality Women’s Drug Rehab Center?

If you or someone you know is exhibiting drug abuse red flags, please reach out for assistance. At The Right Step, we provide a quality women’s drug rehab center in TX (Dallas, Houston, Hill Country) that can assist you in meeting your personal physical and mental health goals.

The Right Step employs a quality team of medical professionals and therapists. A wide array of addiction treatment programs and therapies are offered:

At The Right Step, you can participate in a healthy community that will engage with and inspire you. Whether it’s the medical professionals, the therapists or your peers, you will find someone to walk alongside you on your journey towards clean living.

Don’t suffer in silence. If you could benefit from a women’s drug rehab center in TX, contact our caring professionals today at 17135283709.

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