Cigna Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

Managing addiction requires finding a payment plan that covers your care. At Cigna drug rehab centers like The Right Step, you can use Cigna insurance to overcome substance abuse. Understanding these insurance coverage options helps to focus on your treatment. And, thankfully, many heroin addiction treatment centers in Texas take Cigna as a payment option.

Cigna Rehab Coverage is Available

woman receives treatment at a cigna drug rehab centerThough insurance companies didn’t always cover rehab in the past, changes in insurance law make it necessary. For example, all Marketplace plans now cover mental health and substance abuse services. They must cover behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse disorder treatment. As a result, many Cigna drug rehab centers exist across Texas. These centers work with many Cigna plans to provide easy access to treatment.

Parity protections also help protect those getting drug rehab. Cigna rehab coverage provides parity, which means that coverage limits cannot be higher for addiction treatment. These rules help to ensure you don’t pay more for your policy to cover your care. Parity rules affect deductibles, copays, treatment limits, and care management guidelines. They help to minimize your financial impact and make access to addiction care more comfortable to handle.

Therefore, Cigna rehab insurance covers all rehab treatment plans. Detox, inpatient, outpatient, and behavioral care receive equal coverage. So don’t base your care on fears of what a provider may not cover. In almost all cases, you should be fully covered. Naturally, copay or coinsurance costs may be required on some policies. The Right Step provides rehab insurance verification, and we work with your insurer to find the best option for your recovery.

Treatments Available at Cigna Drug Rehab Centers

If you have Cigna insurance, you are open to many types of procedures. Cigna drug rehab centers in TX utilize all the most up-to-date care options available. Their goal is to provide whole-person treatment that manages your addiction comprehensively. This care manages emotional, physical, and spiritual elements of substance abuse and includes:

The best Cigna drug rehab centers in TX provide these and many more care options. When you call The Right Step, our compassionate addiction treatment professionals conduct a thorough assessment of your needs. They will assess your health situation and pick which options are best. Then, they will adjust your treatment plan, as needed, to ensure success.

Finding Cigna Drug Rehab Centers TX

For help recovering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, reach out to The Right Step today. Compassionate professionals will assess your dependency and create a plan to manage it properly. Our staff dedicates themselves to meeting your individual needs. Our convenient locations around Texas allow us to place you in the best environment for your needs. Some people do well when separated from a negative situation back at home. Others need the support of family and friends nearby during their treatment.

Get Your Life Back on Track at The Right Step

If you want help from Cigna drug rehab centers in Texas, please contact us at The Right Step. When you call 17135283709, you get direct access to a high-quality rehab specialist. We can then find out what kind of treatment you need to recover. Our care includes detoxification, inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, and relapse help. Other services include behavioral adjustment, 12-step support, and motivational interviewing. Don’t let addiction destroy you, reach out to us today.

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