4 Tips For An Alcohol Free Summer

For people who are recovering from alcohol or drug addictions it can be difficult to find activities that don’t include these substances. This problem often arises during the summer months due to vacations and holidays. So what can family members do to help those who are struggling with the addiction? Here are some tips to help people experience a fun and exhilarating summer without any alcohol. 1.) Manage Expectations What’s the 4th of July holiday without a party in which you and your friends and family get together for a Barbecue? If you are planning on having a party for this holiday, or for any get-together over the summer, make it clear up front to the guests that there will be no alcohol available. By casually informing your guests that you don’t plan on serving alcohol, they will not come with any prior expectations about drinking and they won’t be leaving disappointed in a huff. 2.) Early Events I don’t know why, but for some reason, nighttime parties and alcohol have always gone together. In order to avoid the temptation of an evening cocktail party try throwing your parties earlier during the day. Especially during the summer, daytime events focus on the amazing weather and outdoor activities for people to get involved in. So the next time your friends want to go to an evening party and invite you along, don’t be afraid to suggest an afternoon picnic instead. You may find throwing that Frisbee around could be more fun than expected. 3.) Invite the Kids Another summer party suggestion if you want to have some fun without all the alcohol is to suggest your friends bring along the entire family. For many adults the presence of children discourages acts of heavy drinking and by inviting the entire family to join in on the fun, you are sending a polite message that alcohol is not wanted. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Even with children present it is possible for adults to have a great time playing card games, or even a friendly game of basketball. 4.) Edit the Guest List After leaving an alcohol recovery center, it is important for people to readjust their everyday lives to fit a new lifestyle. This may mean leaving out certain friends for a dinner party. If you have friends who love to drink and become the center of attention, it may be best to leave them out of these dinner parties in which there will be no alcohol. It’s not that you are saying you don’t like them, it’s just important you put your health before their enjoyment. So don’t be afraid to cut your guest list by a few people. These are just a few things individuals and families who have recovering alcoholics in their homes can do to still have a fun and enjoyable summer. Although recovery may be difficult, it doesn’t have to cut you off from the rest of the world. So go out and enjoy your summer of healthy living! For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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