One of the Worst Things You Will Ever Hear

What is incomplete in a story that involves a 22 year-old female…a heroin addict…who’s pregnant? -The robbery of a 71 year-old army veteran, who survived a stroke 5 years ago: that’s what. Yes, lower yourself down a notch, western civilization; you have managed to slip lower than ever before. According to a certain model citizen by the name of Erin Vanmatre decided to rob 71 year-old Harry Kopenis for money to buy heroin. Luckily a pregnant junkie is no match for a septuagenarian and his wheelchair bound friend, who caught the would-be robber, and held her until police arrived. LDNews reported that the woman faces “14 years in prison and a $14,000 fine at sentencing, scheduled Oct. 14. Judge Thomas Burke says she must repay the $100, plus $55 for damage to the men’s clothes.” Honestly, isn’t this why we have the death penalty? I understand that addiction makes people do some pretty crazy things, but this is just about as low as you can go. How ethically depraved of a human being do you have to be to do something like this? This story begs several questions.

  1. Who got this woman pregnant? How high up on the list of “desirable females” is a thieving heroin addict?
  2. Since when has begging become unfashionable? Or better yet, a job? Why was this woman’s first inclination:”let me rob an old man?”
  3. Why if you are pregnant do you keep doing heroin?

I don’t know how this woman sleeps at night. If she winds up in jail she probably won’t sleep: God help her if the other inmates find out why she is there.

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